How To Set Up A Family Budget

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"The average family exists only on paper and its average budget is a fiction, invented by
statisticians for the convenience of statisticians."
Sylvia Porter
Unlike the quote provided above, seemingly reflective of general opinion on family budgets
today, we will attempt to take a much more positive approach to budgeting, as a family
oriented, user-friendly, financial management and planning tool and life-enabler.
However, when reflecting on family budgeting and inquiring as to why not more families are
actually using it, it becomes self-evident that similar skepticism runs rampant and deep in reality
and society, even globally so.
Once you start probing family budgets, expending time and energy researching the subject
in-depth, it becomes quite clear, that most families are caught in a vicious, almost never-ending
cycle of “What comes in must go out.”
Most families might feel that budgeting is a futile effort, unnecessarily burdening them with
thoughts and ways, to go broke methodically and slowly, without the creature comforts and
indulgences of our human modern-day society.

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