Tinder Hack – Foolproof Guide To Tinder. Zero BS !

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Tinder Hack 2020 - Foolproof Guide To Tinder. Zero BS !

Ebook PDF- 255 Pages English

Discover Tips, Tricks & Techniques You Can Use to Meet Your Dream Girl (or Girls) Faster – Whether You Are New to Tinder … or You Haven’t Been Getting the Responses You Hoped For

Hi, I’m Steve Morley and I’m going to be brutally honest with you:

Unless you have model-good looks meeting girls on Tinder is about a lot more than just swiping left or right.

The good news is by learning just a few tips – including how to make the right opener with a girl and how to progress your conversation with her – you can quickly have a slew of dates no matter what you look like.

It’s true. Tinder is what you make it – and I’m going to show you how to make it the absolute best place to meet beautiful, interesting girls.

So let’s get started …

In this book, I break down the biggest mistakes men make on Tinder – including the common mistake I made – and reveal what you should do instead to make yourself look much more attractive to women.

And that’s not all. I also walk you through the whole Tinder dating process from getting started to creating an attention-grabbing bio with the right pictures and text to how to converse with women and set up a date to what to do on the date to ensure everything goes well.

This book covers it all and gives you everything you need to take your Tinder dating success to a whole new level.

You are going to learn:

• How to make sure your dates are fun and memorable and free from any of the awkwardness that often sinks budding relationships
• How to progress to a date – just follow these steps to begin meeting up with your matches!
5 things NOT to do when having a conversation with a woman on Tinder – making any one of these mistakes could kill a blossoming romance!
• How to put a little mystery into your conversations with women so that they are intrigued and want to learn much more about you
• Tips for creating conversations that flow right into a successful date – find out what to say, what not to say and when to wrap things up
• How to use physical compliments the right way on Tinder – do this wrong and you come across as creepy, but do it right and girls will be flattered … and eager to get to know you better
• How to craft an opener that will spur interest in the woman you are contacting and will make her eager to converse more with you – this is an art but again it’s not hard to master when you follow my simple formula
• Learn how to write an appealing, attention-grabbing profile – even if you hate to write or even flunked out of high school English … don’t worry writing a good profile isn’t hard when you know a few simple tips!
• The do’s and don’ts of posting photos on your Tinder profile – this is another common mistake that men make … find out here what type of photos really work and what types to stay away from at all costs!
• A neat little trick you can use to see for FREE who has liked you first – if you are little shy this can be the break you need to make that difficult first move!
• How to identify Tinder’s “hot times” in your area and then take full advantage of these times to match and score dates with beautiful women
• How to decide whether a paid Tinder membership is right for you – I lay it all out here so you can make an informed decision and I’ll even give you my recommendation, which may surprise you
• How to maximize the effectiveness of the “super like” so that women are practically begging you to take them out on a date
• How to ensure you get started off on the right foot on Tinder including something you can do in the first 30 minutes that will dramatically increase your chances for success … already joined? Don’t worry, (I’ll SHOW YOU HOW TO ) simply delete that account and start over!
• 4 tips that will immediately separate you from 90% of the men on Tinder and dramatically increase the number of women who are eager to meet you – again, no matter what you look like!
• 12 common date ideas to avoid, plus 7 winning ideas that can provide the perfect backdrop to a great night (or day)!
And much, much more!

Sales page: https://dude-hack.com/tinder-hacked-6/

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