The Scrambler – Unlock Her Legs [Ebook]


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What Is Unlock Her Legs?
Unlock Her Legs is a system that uses psychology to make the lady of your dreams simply crazy about you. You will follow four principles to make her want you. It is all based on a certain technique called The Scrambler that we will discuss a bit later on.

You will not only figure out how to get women to go out with you, but also sleep with you. Bobby and Rob, the two guys that created the program, show you how to change a girl’s perception of you into that of a guy that she finds attractive and desirable. It is a system that relies on you changing your own behaviors while you are around her. For example, if you always pay for her, or if you always listen to her problems as an unwritten rule, you will need to change this.

The point is that she will start to think of you even when you aren’t there. The more she thinks of you, the more invested she becomes. Eventually, she will just need you.

This program also tells you how to make your home as turn-on friendly as possible. That way when you bring your lady home for some special time, no dirty or unkempt environment will prevent the moment from taking place. You will learn about the correct lighting, what to keep in stock at your home, and a great meal you can cook your date.

The Scrambler Bonuses
If you think that this is all that the two products offer then you’re mistaken because there are five more bonuses that you get to receive as a customer of the dating course. These five bonus courses are complete individual courses in themselves that could be made available for sale. These are namely:

A. The Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence
B. Her Erogenous Zones
C. The Magnetic Effect
D. The Dirty Dozen
E. She’s Sending You Signals
F. Invisible Escalation

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