The Encyclopedia of Poisons and Antidotes

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▬▬ The Encyclopedia of Poisons & Antidotes ▬▬

Protect yourself from
Toxic Animals, Plants, Household Substances and More

Authors: Carol Turkington & Deborah Mitchell
Publisher: Facts on File 3rd edition
Format : Pdf, ePub & Mobi
337 pages

“Everything is poison, there is poison in everything. Only the dose makes a thing not a poison.” This quote, attributed to Paracelsus, the Swiss physician and alchemist born in 1493 who has been called the father of toxicology, still rings true. It seems barely a day passes that we are not made aware of a new toxic substance that threatens our children or are informed by the media about the dangers of toxins found in our food, air, and water. Poisons and toxic substances are commonplace in everyday modern life.
This revised edition reflects many changes in the world of toxicology. Foremost is new research in the field that includes not only information on new toxic substances that can impact health but important, updated data on former entries.

This is a complete guide to all types of poisons, how they work, and the antidotes that counteract them. Even with all the advances in medical science today, poisons still remain a serious health risk. Every year approximately 10 million cases of poisoning occur, with nearly 80 percent of them involving children under the age of 5. Poisoning is the fourth most common cause of death among children. Because many poisonings are accidental, simple safety measures - such as keeping harmful substances out of reach of children - can help prevent them.

"Poisons and Antidotes: An A-to-Z Guide" reflects the most recent developments in the world of toxicology. Nearly 600 up-to-date entries detail poisonous substances ranging from common household items to exotic plants and animals. Entries describe the nature of the toxin, the symptoms it causes, and available antidotes and treatments. Special topics covered include children and poisons, first aid for poisoning victims, food poisoning, and pets and poisons.

New and updated entries include:
Bisphenol; Common medications; Daffodils; Flunitrazepam; Hormone disruptors; Household plants; Mold; Poison safety at home; Polonium-210; Responding to a poisoning; Recognizing poisonous animals and plants; and, Sick building syndrome. Appendixes include current information about home testing kits, hotlines, organizations, newsletters, regional poison control centers, and more.

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