Take Control of Wi-Fi Networking and Security

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▬▬ Take Control of Wi-Fi Networking and Security ▬▬

Get more from your Wi-Fi network

Author: Glenn Fleishman
Publisher: TidBITS
Release Date: 28 May 2018
Language: English
122 pages
Pdf, ePub & Mobi

Perhaps you already have a Wi-Fi network running in your home and office, but you’re dissatisfied with it. Or maybe you’re setting up a new house, apartment, business, or school room with Wi-Fi and need to know the basics about what to get and how to configure it. In either case, this book is for you.

After over 15 years of writing regularly about Wi-Fi and answering reader questions, author Glenn Fleishman finds that the same issues still crop up:
- How do I spend the least money to the best effect?
- What’s the best place to put my Wi-Fi gateways?
- How can I get both high throughput (speed) on my network and solid coverage across everywhere I want to use Wi-Fi?
-What can I do to secure my network against outsiders near my house and elsewhere on the internet?
- How do I add networked hard drives and printers?
- Interference is slowing my network; what can I do to reduce it?
- What’s the best way to extend my network to a garage, yard, or nearby building?
This book answers those questions in depth, as well as many others related to Wi-Fi, including how to set up a personal or mobile hotspot with all major operating systems, how to access computers on your network remotely, and why you should use a VPN (virtual private network).
If you have any question about overhauling your network, setting up a new one, or just finally figuring out something that’s never worked, this book has the answer.
Covers macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS.

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