Lauren Simpson Full Program [4 Ebooks]

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Lauren Simpson Full Program [4 Ebooks]

1) 8 Week Fitness guide.pdf
2) LSF 4 Wekk Booty Intensive.pdf
3) Power Booty Gym program.pdf
4) Power Booty Home Program.pdf

One of the most talked about features of
our bodies right now is undoubtedly the
booty! Call it whatever you may; booty,
backside, buns, peach, tush - females
all over the world are going crazy for a
rounder, fuller and stronger booty. While
a majority of the population are not
genetically blessed in this department (I
am one of them!!!), I can assure you that
there is still hope!
My Booty Intensive will help you to
increase glute activation, strength and
size. I have designed this e-book to give
you an insight into how I train and the
workouts are based on training methods
I like to use; these are the methods that
have helped me grow my peach!

Before my girls became a part of the LSF
family, they would spend hours and hours
doing cardio to lose weight each week,
whilst simultaneously trying to grow a booty
along the way! I have shown them how this
can sabotage progress! You have to nourish
your body, train (and eat accordingly) to
build muscle and hit it from all angles to
really create full, round glutes. Cardio or body
weight exercise alone are not the answer!
My 4 week Booty Intensive incorporates all
of the most effective lower body exercises,
programmed specifically to stimulate
maximum glute growth.

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