Interview with a Terrorist – James Rosone [AUDIOBOOK]


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Interview with a Terrorist - James Rosone [AUDIOBOOK]

Written by James Rosone, Miranda Watson
Read by Duane DeSalvo
Format: Audio M4B
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Dark room…bright light overhead…steel chair…instruments of torture. These are the stereotypes that surround the world of interrogations. The truth is that human intelligence collection is more of an art form, crafted in casual conversational questions and learning about the psychology of human motivation. In a world post Abu Ghraib, modern U.S. interrogators must navigate through waters muddied by political correctness while tied down in legal red tape. Yet, somehow, they manage to bring forward the information that can change the tide of war.

“Interview with a Terrorist” is the second edition to the book previously titled “Dinner with a Terrorist,” in which James Rosone tells firsthand his real-life experiences in the interrogator booth. This new version includes new content and stories, as well as lessons that have been learned since returning home.
Join James Rosone as he sits across the table from truly evil men, uncovering corruption within the new Iraqi army, the locations of enormous weapon caches, and even large-scale plots against the United States homeland. Life and death hang in the balance of the conversations in “Interview with a Terrorist.”

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