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Item description

How do you react when you think about writing a nonfiction book or product about a topic you know nothing about? With pain?

► Do you wish you could write and publish more nonfiction books, but it seems that the competition is steep in the categories where you have some knowledge?

► Are you slightly envious (maybe more than slightly) when you see new books appear in a hot category and you just wish you could write about such a thing at will?

► Is your gut-reaction pain rather than enthusiasm when you stumble across profitable opportunities?

If only…

Yeah, if only it was possible to be an expert on all topics.

That would mean that you could write a book, quickly, about any topic that has potential.

And potential comes and goes, so writing the book has to be fast.

Something is mentioned in the news… Everybody jumps to Amazon to check for a book to learn more about the topic. There’s your golden opportunity - if you can take it.

Or something is used in a movie… To be able to write a book about it would mean getting a piece of a big pie and making a lot of money fast.

You know that, right?

You can even find evergreen topics, with promising financial potential and huge popularity, but low competition.

The only thing is that you must be able to write about that topic.​

Do you feel up to it? Can you write about any topic, and write well, or is this something you struggle with?

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