How to Win Friends & Influence People

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How to Win Friends & Influence People
Revised Edition

The First and still the Best Book of this kind to lead you to success

Author : Dale Carnegie
Publication Date : 2020
Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Language : English
Format : Pdf, ePub & Djvu
Pages : 139 & 98

Dale Carnegie is the pure and pute father of all the sciences of success. As a matter of fact, many succeeding books about success science or chicken soup for the soul originated from his masterpieces. How to Win Friends and Influence People is one of Carnegie’s inspirational classics – success science education books, published in 1936. It is the world’s first book on success science, can be said to be a miracle in the history of human publishing, and the “bible” for social contact and communication. In short, it’s the world’s best-selling, most classic, and most practical reference book for being a good personal & social people.
How to Win Friends and Influence People is a collection of the essence of Carnegie’s thoughts and the most exciting contents, has been translated into dozens of languages, and has become the world’s most lasting self-help bestseller with hundreds of millions of readers around the world. Its historical sales volume is only second to the No.1 book – Bible. The entire book is divided into four parts, each of which lists some principles and philosophies for being a good life, along with detailed interpretation and vivid examples.
The main contents of this book include: the basic skills of getting along with others, the tips of being safe and happy, how to make people like you, how to win the approval from others, how to persuade others better, how to make your family life happy, and so on. Its sole purpose is to help solve the biggest problem most of us face: how to associate with people and effectively influence others in our daily life, business activities and social contacts, and how to defeat the enemy of human existence – worry, so as to create a happy and beautiful life.

How to Win Friends and Influence People is suitable for readers to carefully taste for a long time, and eventually develop good habits and character. In fact, through reading and practicing the methods introduced in this book, countless readers have not only got out of difficulties, but also become outstanding people. Therefore, just keep reading this book up, I believe that you can tap into your infinite potential and create your own brilliant life too. Of course, there is no self-help book can make one have radical change in one go. Instead, the best way is to read more good books, make more practices, and eventually form a good habit of doing things!

Table Of Contents :
- Part One: Fundamental techniques in handling people
- Part Two: Six ways to make people like you
- Part Three: How to win people to your way of thinking
- Part Four: Be a leader : How to change people without giving offence or arousing resentment

If you want to benefit from this book, you must have an indispensable condition, otherwise no method can help you. The prerequisite is the desire to urgently change and learn. Once you have this, you are sure to get the most out of this book and enjoy a happy life.

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