How To Turn $10 into $1,000

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How To Turn $10 into 1,000
And how to turn $1,000 into $10,000 (and more)...

Please Note: This is a system. It's what I would do if I woke up tomorrow with just $10 in my pocket to invest and no email list. (And how I'd scale my success into a stable source of passive income.)

Last Tuesday, I got an email from...let's call him Benny.
"Jack, my company is downsizing..."
He just found out he's losing his job, the bills have been stacking up for awhile already, and now he needs to find a new source of income.
"Please help..."
To be brutally honest, I always get nervous before I hit reply.
I feel a real sense of responsibility to try and help people like Benny get "unstuck". Because I want to make sure I give them the right advice for their situation.
And it's hard to just send back a single email with all the answers they need.
Which got me thinking.

What if I just created a report that had each of the steps outlined in full. Paint by numbers. Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, etc. Then, I could reply with something really useful.
And, when Benny got stuck, I can simply ask, "What have you done already? Which step are you stuck on?"
And that was the birth of the $10 to 10K report.

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