How To Make Incredible Online Income

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Item description

how to make incredible online income
simply by recommending products!

this course will get you making money even if you are completely new to internet
marketing and / or affiliate marketing. that said, i'm confident that marketing
veterans will learn lots too! between the two bonuses...
– bonus 1 - free resources and tutorials and...
– bonus 2 – generate income by simply distributing pdf's - no website or
blog needed
you will have everything you need to make cash by simply recommending
the 2 main guides should be read first as they tell you how to greatly increase
your conversion rates (i.e. the % of people who buy products through your links)
by building stronger relationships with your viewers). don't worry, it's easier than
it sounds!
in any kind of marketing, “conversion rates” are everything. a high conversion
rate can reward your marketing efforts with unheard of profits. a low conversion
rate can leave you starving with nothing to show for all your best efforts. yes
you can make a living (and a very lucrative one) by simply recommending
products but only if people listen to you, trust what you have to say, and act
on your recommendations in sufficient numbers!

by the end of this course you will know how to get people to listen, trust, and
act on what you recommend and as a result, you'll see tremendously increased
profits on any product review you choose to do!

you can apply these methods to any website, blog, fan page, or email list you
may have (or wish to create). if you are new to website creation or word press,
you can refer to bonus 1 – free online tools, resources, and tutorials.
this very handy bonus guide includes instructions and links to all the free online
resources and tutorials you'll need to get started creating websites, blogs or optin
it includes website building tutorials, wordpress tutorials, blogger tutorials, and
more. it also tells you where to get free graphics, how to create or modify
graphics (with free software or online tools), and gives you other very handy free
resources. i specifically designed this bonus guide for people who have zero
money to invest in tools, software, autoresponders, etc.
it even shows you a sure fire simple way to pick highly profitable niches and
also shows you how to find thousands of high profit low competition keywords
in each of those niches free. the bonus 1 guide is a treasure trove of resources
for you that you can reference as needed, again and again!

if you have no website, blog or email list, but still want to make some
immediate cash, that's doable too! reference bonus 2 – generate income by
simply distributing pdf's - no website or blog needed.
in that bonus, i show you several innovative (free and low cost) ways to generate
income simply by creating & distributing pdfs so you don't need a website or blog
or email list! pdfs are super easy to create (using free software) and i'll even
show you how to quickly create awesome ecovers, again using free software.
both bonuses are included in your “bonus folder”.
you'll also notice that i included some surprise unannounced bonuses too in a
separate folder called (fittingly enough) “surprise bonuses folder”. again i will let
you know when to reference each of these surprise bonuses as we go through the
for your convenience, a list of all the items in your course package is
shown below...

list of items in your course – “how to make incredible online income simply
by recommending products”
main folder:
– main guide part i (what you are reading right now)
– main guide part ii (goes deeper into how to increase your conversion
rates & profits)
bonus folder:
– bonus 1 – free online tools, resources, and tutorials (very
handy reference!)
– bonus 2 – generate income simply by distributing pdfs - no
website or blog needed ( think of this as a “quick start to profits
surprise bonuses folder:
– surprise bonus 1 – how to produce a kickass review for any
product that will motivate your visitors to buy!
– surprise bonus 2 – stupid simple google ranking method – how
to make your site instantly “sticky”
– surprise bonus 3 – how to use traffic travis to get keyword
note that in many cases, with the methods shown in this course, you will not
need to do keyword research or worry about ranking on google, but the bonuses
are included anyways for those times when you may want such data.

who is this course for?

this course is for anyone who...
– promotes products or any physical product(s) online
– promotes affiliate digital products (wsos, jvzoo, clickbnk, rap,
digiresults, etc)
– promotes their own products (physical or digital) on fiverr, etsy, ebay or
on their own website/blog
– creates websites, blogs, videos, facebook fan pages, squidoo lenses, etc.
– builds or maintains email subscriber lists
– anyone not doing any of the above but who wants to!!
in short, anyone who wants to make excellent profits online (or dramatically
increase them!) will benefit hugely from the insider information contained within
this comprehensive course.
after completing this course, you will know how to make product
recommendations that people will trust, love, and take action on!

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