Emperor: Become an Alpha Male

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Emperor: Become an Alpha Male, Manifest Money, Have More Sex and Build an Empire Subliminal
By the Subliminal Club.

What’s The Only Difference Between You and the Greatest Men That’s Ever Lived?

The answer is an EMPEROR’S MINDSET. A quality the greats always possessed, but you didn’t. Until now.

They believed they could become gods among men, and you DON’T. That’s it. They lived their lives without boundaries, without limitations, without preconceived notations on how things should be. They lived their lives the way THEY wanted, and now history remembers them. Will history remember you?

If this isn’t something you care about, hit the back button, or visit another page. EMPEROR is for those who want to go beyond “transcending” society. It’s for those who want to CREATE and RULE their own empires.

The EMPEROR CORE script contains some of the most BOLD, powerful, mind-blowing, and reality-bending scripting EVER. We can pretty much guarantee that no other subliminal producer will put as much hard-hitting, profound scripting as we did.

When used properly, EMPEROR will help you experience:

An extreme sense of personal power and pride, that you are the master of your reality and being.
That you are a highly valued person with the potential to become the greatest person that ever lived.
The sense that achieving incredible success, money and abundance are absolutely effortless to you, and will flow endlessly into your life.
The ability to easily manifest extremely profitable and lucrative situations, business and personal deals
Some of the most incredibly positive self-talk to constantly keep you motivated and ready to conquer
Romance, ROMANCE, ROMANCE! And sex, of course. Enjoy being able to choose between multiple romantic partners 😉
And MUCH, MUCH MORE. We’re just scratching the surface — the EMPEROR Core ALONE is over 20 pages.

And Yes, EMPEROR ALSO Contains the ENTIRE Scripts of Ascension, Mogul and Sex Mastery X.

See, we define “power” as your ability to assert your will upon the world when you please. That means, building the life you’ve always dreamed about, and exploring your own personal reality without any societal imposed mental hang-ups or limitations. Ascension will help you quickly dissolve all mental internal limits, and push you toward long-term success by increasing your sense of internal strength and power.

Feel like a highly valued, powerful individual at every level of your being
Develop an identity-level sense of deep, genuine, unshakeable self-confidence.
Become completely self-reliant: both mentally and emotionally.
Naturally generate an aura of charisma that resonates with others, compelling them to respect and admire you.
And more!

There are those, however, that desire more than just internal power. Some of us desire riches and wealth. Society tries to paint that as an issue, teaching people that money is inherently evil. As a result, you could be potentially placing artificial limits on your ability to acquire wealth. Ascended Mogul will help you break through those barriers and improve every aspect of your life where money and wealth are involved. Enjoy such benefits as:

Work superiors to taking notice of your increased efforts and productivity, leading to widespread recognition and promotions.
Long-term wealth generation ideas to suddenly materializing alongside a powerful, positive motivation to bring those ideas to fruition.
Prepare yourself for better financial and spending habits, like automatically and effortlessly limiting frivolous purchases and instead routing that money into a business, investment, or other wealth generation vehicle.
Discover whichever talents or skills you possess that you also enjoy engaging in, and learn how to monetize those talents for wealth generation.
And more!

Included Modules:

The Standard Script (Over 45 submodules that push the power of the subliminal to cutting edge levels of subliminal technology)
Emperor CORE I
Emperor CORE II
Emperor CORE III
The “Core” scripts contain the goal scripting and other submodules to boost results.
The EMPEROR Core scripts contain over 20 submodules that will drastically change your mindset toward becoming your ideal embodiment of perfection.
Ascension CORE
Ascension CORE II
Ascension CORE III
Mogul CORE
Sex Mastery X CORE
Sex Mastery X CORE II
Sex Mastery X CORE III
The EVOLUTION Module (Classified)
TYRANTS (Classified)
Emperor’s Reality (Classified)
The entire script of our ultimate speed learning subliminal. Over 15 submodules, including subconscious strategy modeling — even when you’re not actively working on something, your mind is still learning.
Ultimate Wealth Motivation
Destruction of Wealth Ceiling
Ultimate Debt Management
Forecast the Market
Think Like a Winner
Think Like an Entrepreneur
Incredible Sales and Marketing Success
Short-Term Wealth Manifestation
Long-Term Wealth Manifestation
Financial Visualization and Imagination
Incredible Financial Success
Weakness Destroyer
Generate an Irresistible Aura of Attraction
Romance Manifestation
Sex Manifestation
Improve Romantic Partners
Eliminate Procrastination
Eliminate Fear
Eliminate Doubt
Ultimate Gratitude
Godlike Masculinity
Extreme Independence
Extreme Will
Extreme Personal Power
Extreme Happiness
Extreme Confidence
Limitless Physical Energy
Fat Burner
Rich, Deep Sleep
And More!

Script Length:

75 pages

SEE MORE https://www.subliminalclub.com/product/emperor-become-an-alpha-male-have-more-sex-subliminal/


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