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How You Can Research, Brainstorm & Write
Your Book In a Weekend or Less

Have a Brand New Nonfiction Book
Created, Published and Making YOU Money
in a Single Weekend!

The No Fuss, Hassle-Free Method
You Can Hijack and Re-Use
Over and Over Again to
Pump Books Out At Will....

In this 42-page PDF, you will learn:

How to do better research;
How to complete your research more quickly;
How to improve the quality of your research;
How to create a flexible working outline (also works for a series of books);
How to prepare yourself for fast content creation;
How to identify and prevent common “writing errors”;
How to increase your credibility with readers;
How to incorporate storytelling into your nonfiction writing;
How to handle chapter transitions with ease;
How to keep people turning the pages;
How to create an “outstanding reader experience”;
How to ensure that more people will want to leave a positive review on your book;
How to find your target audience and make sure those people will want to buy your book.
And Most Importantly – How To Do All Of The Above In Less Than 72 Hours!

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