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Attention: Marketing professionals who need to generate MORE LEADS!

All You Have To Do Is Deliver A Perfectly Crafted Lead Generation Video That CONVERTS!

10 Profitable Local Niches That LOVE NEW LEADS
1. Pediatrician
2. Personal Injury Lawyer
3. Bankruptcy Lawyer
4. Pest Control
5. Painting Contractor
6. Physical Therapist
7. Insurance Agency
8. Bookkeeper
9. Electrician
10. Dermatologist...

Whiteboard Video Fortune is a mind-blowing package of 10 done-for-you whiteboard videos in 10 hot, profitable offline niches, plus 10 blackboard videos with the same content.

The videos are made with my special animation technique that is RARE in the market.

But even more important, my special technique converts visitors into LIVE PHONE CALLS.

Boring whiteboard videos are everywhere out there, but the animations you see below will satisfy even the most critical business owners.

You can put your name as the video creator and sell these videos to offline businesses for at least $97 each. Offline businesses LOVE LEADS and Whiteboard Video Fortune provides you the best whiteboard videos that will actually generate those leads.

Simple as that! You can be a professional lead gen master right away with Whiteboard Video Fortune.

So what's blackboard video?

It's another type of whiteboard video, created by adding a blackboard as background and using white-outline images.

Well, blackboard video is a great alternative to whiteboard video. I've gotten many many customers with blackboard videos after they say "I already had someone else doing whiteboard video".

"That All Sounds Great... But How Do I Actually GET CLIENTS?"
To help you sell your videos and lead generation services even easier, I've included 10 promotional videos (YES, NOT 1 BUT 10) that will help do the heavy lifting for you on the client acquisition side.

Now you might be wondering...
Will I Actually LEARN Anything With This Package Or Is It Just A Bunch Of Videos?

I’m glad you asked!

I have more than 5 years of experience selling to local businesses. Sure, there are people who have been doing it longer but we both found SUCCESS very quickly.

I know what works and what doesn't work when dealing with local businesses.

So, along with the video package, you will get an exclusive report on how to build a real local marketing business from scratch.

In this no fluff guide, you will learn:

- How to edit and rebrand the videos to maximize lead volume
- 6 places to find local business who are BEGGING for new leads.
- 10 ways to approach business owners, get their attention and make your first sale in the next few hours
- How to maximize your profits
- How to scale your business to six figures and beyond
You'll Get Everything You Need To Profit TODAY!

Personally, I really DON'T want you to think that "I can create these videos myself". Just remember, it's simple to create a whiteboard video, but HARD to create a whiteboard video that actually CONVERTS into PHONE CALLS!

Local business owners receive dozens of messages every day about the next "big thing" in internet marketing. What they really WANT and NEED are more phone calls. These high end lead generation videos will do the job.

You see, I've invested thousands of dollars for the artwork and months of hard work to create a package of 20 stunning videos that will make the phone ring for your clients day in and day out.

Why? Because I have hundreds of offline clients that enjoy the results these videos bring to their business.

What I’m sharing with you is strictly available for you, right now!

Once this special "launch offer" ends... the price will be much higher...

So, basically what I'm saying is this...

If you are ready to become a highly-paid local lead generation expert, you’re going to have to act fast..
Let's Sum Up Everything!

20 Stunning Offline Business Videos
10 Service Promotion Videos
Offline Whiteboard Video Fortune Course
Total Real Value
Value: $2,997

Value: $970

Value: $147
It’s just easy to see the potential. Assume each month, in each niche, you sell ONE video for $97, you’ll gross $970.

It’s the lowest goal you should set and the lowest price you should offer.
You can do it if:

- You’re a complete newbie
- You’re struggling to make money online
- You’re thinking of selling to local businesses, but don’t know what to sell
- You’re a full time marketer and want an easy system to increase your income
- Even if you’re a successful offline marketer, your current clients will appreciate that you found a new way to generate more leads for them!

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