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Tantra Touch
The Tantra Touch is a special program because it kickstarts a transformation on all 3 levels of your being — physical, emotional and spiritual. For example, some students study Tantra, and they see their incomes rise, careers take off or even discover their life purpose. Those are completely natural, and it can happen to you too. However, there are certain benefits that have an obvious correlation to studying Tantra, like these:

Overcome All Psychological Blocks To Pleasure. Your brain is your #1 organ you have. But unfortunately, years of cultural programming and taboo against sex and intimacy has taken a toll on its "performance" altogether. That's why, in Tantra Touch, you'll overcome that by getting rid of all kinds of shame, trauma and other disempowering beliefs around relationships and intimacy.
Experience Sexual Revival, Balance, And Harmony. Every human being carries within them both masculine and feminine energies — the Shiva and Shakti energies — although one or the other will be dominant at times. The Tantra trick is to achieve balance by first understanding the key principles guiding them and then cultivating and awakening the energies that are dormant.
Discover Your Sexual Archetype And Its Advantages. Archetypes are how the brain solves a problem. Your model of reality for your sexuality — consisting of your beliefs, dreams, and desires — is a jungle of varying emotions that your brain can't easily decode. Unless there's a map, which is the archetypes. Once you discover your archetype, you'll understand why you feel the way you feel.
Cut Through Limiting Beliefs On Intimacy And Connection. Sometimes you feel helpless about your sexuality like you’re somehow not in charge of your body and your orgasms. Or that something external is governing your sexual destiny. You feel that way because of the limiting beliefs we acquired since the age of 7 from our environment. It's time to crush them and be in control.
Reclaim Your Confidence, On And Off Bed. When you truly understand your sensual essence — who you are and what you want to experience sexually — you'll have complete clarity on what you want to do in the bed. You have realized your sexual potential and confidence. This realization becomes a grounding principle that sets a clear direction and meaning in your life.
Have Multiple Orgasms At Will For Both Men And Women. They say mediocre intimate relationships — with fake or microsecond orgasms — is worse than none existent ones because it completely drains you of the excitement of having intimate relationships. Tantra Touch will show how both men and women can connect with their raw, authentic sexual power and experience the multiple wave-like orgasms and excitement they're destined for.
Heal Your 7 Chakras For Whole Body Orgasms. Chakras are distribution centers of your energy body. Since Tantra establishes deeper levels of intimacy through the merging of your physical and energy body, you'll learn how to work with your chakras. Tantra Touch will take you through a clearing of all 7 chakras, so your energetic blocks won't stand in the way of your pleasure.
Become A Pro At Giving And Receiving Sensual Massages. Massages are a key part of Tantra sex. They deconstruct the physical barriers to pleasure and intimacy. That's why, in Tantra Touch, you'll learn all kinds of massages including Yoni Massage, Breast Massage, Lingham Massage, Prostate Massage, Self Massage as well as clothes-on massages. And you'll know what to do when.
Unlock Your Sexual Magnetism For Attracting The Right Partners. Even the most grounded person is lured by the charms of sexual magnetism. You know that friend of yours who gets all the girls or the girl who commands men's attention in a blink of an eye, and yet you feel there's nothing special about them? That's sexual magnetism at play. And everyone's born with it. You'll learn how to turn it on at will.
Activate Sacred Sexuality For Higher Levels Of Intimacy. One of the things Tantra installs in you is a concept called sacred sexuality. Your sex life will go from being a routine to becoming the most important activity of your life. Tears will flow. The intensity of love will be so high that it turns to devotion for one another. You'll make love for as long as you want with unconditional love, with orgasm after orgasm.
Master Sex Positions That Can Drive Your Partner Wild. No Tantra course is complete without the sex positions. In Tantra Touch, you'll discover Kama Sutra positions that give you easy access to your partner's orgasm triggers as well as foreplay techniques that set you both up with maximum arousal. Nothing is held back. You'll learn nothing but the best methods for lasting, fulfilling sexual experience.
Channel Your Sexual Energy To Attract Things You Want In Life. Your sexual energy directly correlates to your drive and creativity in all other areas of your life. Using different tools, you can strengthen this correlation and enjoy unstoppable energy for everything you want to do in life. You can also utilize focused intention to redirect the creative potential of your sexual energy to attract the things you want in life.

Tantra Touch is a program about activating the powerful, sensual force within you that will allow you to create the mind-blowing sex life, the deeply intimate connections and the overall fulfilling lifestyle you dream of. We've designed it to deliver all of that in a fun, playful manner with Psalm Isadora. The Tantra journey can be what you want it to be — whether it's living your sensual dreams, realizing your life's full potential or achieving enlightenment.

Therefore, we recommend the students of this program to study it by going through all modules in a row - one by one. Coming to each module, firstly it is advised to listen to the theoretical session about a particular subject of the module and only then students should listen to the QA session of that Module (note: QA sessions are recordings from Psalm Isadora's previous live coaching sessions).

Being one of the most comprehensive Tantra courses you can find anywhere, Tantra Touch packs a punch in all 7 weeks of its timeline. You go in a step-by-step manner in three phases. The FIRST phase deals with the psychological aspects of sexuality, the SECOND phase with the energetic influences and only in the THIRD phase when all the groundwork is done, will you enter into the physical aspects of soulful sexuality.

Here's a brief outline of what you'll experience week by week.

Week 1: Sacred Sexuality In this week, you'll get years of psychological conditioning reversed as Psalm does an "open surgery" on your mind — the biggest sex organ you have.

Week 2: Neurons to Nirvana In this week, you'll learn to rebuild your neurological connection for your full sexual potential. Psalm will install in you the beliefs and habits you need for your complete sexual liberation.

Week 3: Chakras For Intimacy Since chakras are powerful elements governing our sexual destiny, you'll focus an entire week on them. You'll clear and strengthen your chakras for your full sexual empowermen

Week 4: Tantra For One In this week, you'll focus on cultivating your own sexual energy without the help of others. This process of self-mastery is key to unlocking your full sexual potential.

Week 5: Tantra For Two In this week, we'll get into the experience of real tantric connection between you and your partner. These practices take you deeper and deeper into bliss and intimacy.

Week 6: Urban Kama Sutra This is the week of Kama Sutra. You'll explore various positions that can help you take your Tantra practice to the next level. It's an exciting week full of experiments in sex.

Week 7: Magic Beyond Bedroom In this week, you'll discover how to translate the principles of Tantra into other areas of your life and use it for tapping into the Law of Attraction to attract the things you want.

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