Photoshop Brushes for Beginners

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▬▬▬▬■ Photoshop Brushes for Beginners ■▬▬▬▬

Release Date : 2019

Learn an enormous assortment of brushes in Adobe Photoshop used to create everything such as watercolor, gouache paintings, charcoal drawings and manga-style illustrations.
This course will give you a brief overview of brush basics associated with a oriented tour through some newest and largest crowd-pleasing additions. Follow every steps to create custom brush from scratch.

Create Your Own Brushes

There’s an enormous assortment of brushes in Adobe® Photoshop® that you can use to create everything from watercolor and gouache paintings to charcoal drawings to manga-style illustrations. In this course, Khara Plicanic will provide a quick overview of brush basics along with a guided tour through some of the newest and biggest crowd-pleasing additions. Follow along step-by-step to make your own custom brush from scratch, and don’t miss the super fun, totally foolproof, insta-worthy course projects.

■ Lessons
1 Class Introduction
2 Brushes Basics
3 Retouching
4 Masking
5 Tweaking
6 Creating Custom Brushes
7 Exploring Brush Presets: Kyle T. Webster Brushes
8 Using Brushes to Create an Image
9 Watercolor Brushes

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