Philakone’s Course 2 Intermediate to Advance Trading HD

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Philakone's Course #2 - Intermediate to Advance Trading ( 720p HD Video)

Elliot Wave Theory, Shorting, Level 2, Price Action, Scalping

What you'll learn
After completion of this course, you'll have a broad understanding of my specific strategy used in the market that involves scalping and elliot wave counting.
You'll understand scalping 1-2% profits that can compound to large gains over time
You'll understand beginner to intermediate elliot wave counts
You'll understand price action, level 2, hidden walls
You'll understand what a professional trader psychology is
Welcome to Philakone's Course #2 - Intermediate to Advance Trading Strategies

If you complete this course, put in the hard work, study all material, take notes, put the theory into practice, you can only be closer to your goals. This is what I've learned over the past 3 years and 8 months of trading, condensed into a clear, concise, and effective manner of teaching.

There are 20 live trades included, much better narrated than my normal trades. It has my starting with $10,000 challenge, where I show how to compound profits and grow it by 33% in less than 30 days in a sideways market. If this is done over 365 days

Lecture 01 - Introduction - Motivation. About Me

Lecture 02 - What Defines A Successful Trader. Trader Psychology

Lecture 03 - Review Of Course #1 - Key Strategy Reminders

Lecture 04 - Understanding Compound Profit and Setting Realistic Goals

Lecture 05 - Shorting, Margin Trading, Setting Alerts on Trading View, Using Bitfinex and Setting Up Binance, How to input Stop Losses.

Lecture 06 - Advanced Level 2, Price Action, Momentum changes, Market Depth, Hidden Walls

Lecture 07 - Introduction to Elliot Wave Theory

Lecture 08 Part I - Intermediate Elliot Wave Theory

Lecture 08 Part II - Detailed Elliot Wave Trade

Lecture 09 - The Scalping Strategy and Requirements to Enter a Short

Lecture 10 - Incorporating RSI, MACD, Histogram, Price Action, and Level 2 to the Scalping Strategy

Lecture 11 Part I - Incorporating EWT into the Scalping Strategy on Small Time Frames with RSI, MACD, Histogram, Price Action, and Level 2

Lecture 11 Part II - Live 1 Trade Examples from Lesson 11

Lecture 11 Part III - Live 2 Trade Examples from Lesson 11

Lecture 12 - Summary of Strategies and of Lessons

Lecture 13 - TO BE ANNOUNCED

Lecture 14 to Lesson 37 - Twenty Live Trades - Starting with $10K, 20 Trade Challenge. 20/20 Trades @ 31% Profit

Please consider signing up for the 4 months of support that runs till Feburay 28, 2019 where all questions will be answered in a timely manner.

Who this course is for:
This course is for intermediate to advanced traders. My first course is highly recommended before taking this one.
Those wanting to learn more about intermediate to advanced level 2, price action, and Elliot Wave
Those wanting to learn my specific scalping method that yields 1-2% per trade.
Those wanting to learn about trader psychology and why it's necessary to sharpen our mentality to succeed


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