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Naked U (Naked University) | ($247)
by Gabrielle Moore

“BREAKING NEWS: This New Way of Learning Sex Is Sending SHOCKWAVES to The World!”

Gabrielle Moore Naked U is a solid program for any man who wants to get better in bed. It doesn’t matter if you’re married or a virgin.

The 11 girls in the video are HOT. You’ll definitely ENJOY watching them even if their speaking ability is lacking at times.

The positions and techniques are very practical and work.
For example, I used the “stairs” technique (I can’t remember the goofy name Gabrielle gave it) and it kicked ass.

There’s a lot of good content and the price is fair for what you get.


"Excellent Product!

There have been a few programs in the past that have demonstrated on screen love making techniques. This is possibly the best ever created.

The presentation: everything in this program is shot beautifully in HD, and the camera shots utilized are both explicit and educational.
Unlike some other programs, this one shows the demonstrations and nothing is hidden.

The topics: the topics covered are very diverse. From squirting, to mutual masturbation, to anal sex, to erotic touch, to kissing and G-spot stimulation, this covers all the bases.

The models: all of the models from the teachers to the people in the demonstrations are easy on the eyes, and for some reason I was very attentive to listening to the teachers in this program over others. ;)

The effectiveness: This ties in with 2 Girls Teach Sex as the best sex education products I have ever seen. Some other sex ed programs try to be too artsy in their presentation and therefore end up being too vague or unclear in the demonstrations. NU is overall the most explicit program I have ever seen and it aids in the educational side of things.

Overall: at $247 this program may seem pricey compared to some, but the value from a one-time investment is well worth it. These are skills that you will be implementing with your partner(s) for the rest of your life. Don't hesitate. If you are looking for a good Sex-Ed program, you can't do better than Naked-U." -Wynnedago


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