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Item description

Daygame Overkill | Nick Krauser | ($199)

Supercharge your success with women now.

Wouldn’t it be great if the world’s top daygamer was to record his in-fields while in peak form,
hitting on ten hot young girls in Croatia?

These would be real interactions, a few of which resulted in lewd sexual acts a day or two later!

Nick Krauser has just released the ultimate daygame product. This is the most advanced material out there.

Adventure Sex

A feature-packed two-hour seminar presentation explaining why the way you are trying to daygame girls is ineffective. The top daygamers – the men who are slaying it – are doing it differently. Now Nick lets you in on the insider “secret society” techniques.

He tells you everything you need to make the leap from “nice guy daygamer who barely gets laid” to “bad boy daygamer that kills it”. The system has been simplified so that it’s easy to learn, and there are just a few principles you need to keep in mind while talking to girls.

Women’s dual sexual strategy – how they classify men as either Nice Guy or Bad Boy.
What really turns women on when they meet a man in the daytime.
How to maximise your charisma so girl’s will fuck you just to be close to it.

This is the absolute cutting edge of daygame. This is how you can fill your life with beautiful women even if you are just a normal average-looking guy that looks like a potato like Nick Krauser.

And that’s not all!

The Street Seducer

It’s one thing to be told how to pick up women…. and it’s another thing entirely to be shown – live infield.
Nick isn’t one of these big-mouthed/tight-trousered PUAs who talk in a seminar, collect the ticket money, and then goes home.

Nick puts his money where his mouth is and shows how to do it. On the street.
In real live interactions with the hot young women he sleeps with.

So that’s why you’ll love The Street Seducer.
Nick spent three days chatting up the beautiful women of Zagreb, Croatia while the video camera was running.
Then he selected the most useful ten videos and presents them to you now.

This shows you what real seduction looks like.
Of the ten women, he slept with one, got a blowjob off another, a handjob off a third, and kissed a few more on dates.
These were successful daygame interactions – Not the worthless number-collection most PUAs spam onto YouTube.

These videos are captioned so you can pick out every word. Each one receives a full explanation for you to squeeze every last drop of knowledge from them. So, get ready for ten videos of top-level daygame that show you:

Detailed moment-by-moment descriptions of exactly what’s happening and why.
How to spot the subtle signals when a girl likes you but doesn’t want to make it obvious.
Clearly see how the interaction passes through all of the relevant stages until she’s ready to give her phone number.
Examples of when the girl isn’t interested and how to avoid wasting your time so you can move on to the girls who do like you.
It’s hard to convey just how ground-breaking this product is. Never before has a video series been released by a man who not only can walk the walk with hot young women, but has the intellect and patience to explain it clearly so the average guy can follow in his footsteps.

This is 335 minutes of pure gold.


"Is The Best Product of Its Kind

I Spent $200 on This And It Is Worth It

The Bad:

In the seminar portion, the camera starts rolling,
and Nick begins to speak.

But before he says a word, he stuffs his mouth full
with a bagel or pastry, THEN begins talking.

That's disgusting and I can
barely understand his words as it is.
It would be disgusting enough if he ate
that way and did not talk.
Shoved as much food as he could possibly fit into his mouth and chewed.
That's bad manners as it is.

Add to the above the fact that he talks with his mouth full.
Now it's pretty disgusting.

Add to that the fact that he waits until the questioner
finishes the question, THEN he stuffs his mouth full
and immediately begins talking only when his mouth
is completely full of food.
Now that is grossly gross.

He sounds like he's got Elmer's Glue in his mouth even
when his mouth is NOT full of food.

Sorry, but that is unforgivable, even if I'm talking
with him in a casual setting. Here he's giving a formal talk
and charging for it, and he talks with his mouth full.

On the other side of the covers,
I can see that this could actually be considered a positive.

Because given his Mr. Potatohead-looks,
coupled with his age (or rather, the age disparity between him and his targets),
coupled with his manner of speaking which I can barely understand
(e.g., he can barely speak with vowel sounds, “I hope you speak English,”
sounds like, “Ah horrp you spik nnglsh.”).

So the above strikes against him, which many inexperienced
guys claim as excuses, stand to testify to his pure skill.

The notches on his bedpost certainly aren't because of his body, his age, his looks, his clear and pleasant voice, or any of those factors that many PUA gurus depend on. This is one of the things that makes Krauser stand apart from the 99% of PUA gurus. I looked up dozens of them one by one, and noticed that all but 2 or 3 were short or ugly. You can't really trust a 9 who picks up an 8.

Now, for the infields.

They are all foreign girls (except one American girl in Czech or Prague... in the bonus infield vid 3,
a girl from Kentucky who was fucking GORGEOUS and seemed half a foot taller than Krauser... though I suppose she was practically foreign to Englishman Krauser.

But the language barrier was clearly absent between the Kentucky girl and Krauser--this infield is not analyzed, as it's a bonus vid).
Krauser says he prefers foreign girls, which is fine.

But given that foreign girls are easier (for a number of reasons),
I think it would be nice to see him game a local English girl
(since he's from England), or even an American girl; even though
he'd also have an edge with the American girl (according to Jon Matrix...
Matrix and Torero agree that being English gives a daygamer an edge
when daygaming in New York...they said this in Effortless or Date against The Machine).

In some of the infields, she can barely understand the words he's saying--
Effortless Infield or DATM had the same issue (Matrix was daygaming a French girl,
and the language barrier was ridiculous).

In Bonus video #4, it reminded me of one of the videos in Date against The Machine,
where Matrix could barely communicate with one girl because of the language barrier.
Krauser eventually slowly said,

“When I (pointing to himself) look (pointing to his eyes) at you (pointing to her feet and back up to her eyes) I... (pointing to himself for clarity... think (pointing to his head).. you... (pointing to her).. are very pretty... with your big green jacket you look like an apple..” (and a couple more teases, which she was chuckling and nodding at, but I could swear she could NOT understand what the hell he was saying; just smiling big, nodding, and chuckling courteously, like a girl who was just starting to learn English).

Filmed in Zagreb, the girls in this video are all foreign girls.
Zagreb girls, Croatians, Serbians, Dubrovchani, a girl from Switzerland who spoke French, etc.
It's a different dynamic when the girl seems to be practicing her English on you.

Now this may be seen as a plus... that he actually got a number from a girl who could barely understand him, based on who knows what...subcommunication? Or a minus.

As for me, I would LOVE to see him game his own kind.
Because living where I do, it's extremely rare for me to find any tourists or foreign girls.

For a $200, product, you'd expect some quality production.
But he says himself that he just used a cheap cell phone to record the video.
I was so eager to see an infield of Krauser... I consider him the best daygamer, and he records his infields with a cheap cell phone?

But on second thought, the videos are actually MUCH better
than any other product on daygame, including Daygame Blueprint, DATM, Effortless Infield, Daygame Domination, etc.

The Good:

The footage, though recorded with a cheap cell phone, like it was an afterthought,
is still better footage than anything I've seen from
(for example, Daygame Blueprint (the worst), Date against The Machine, or Effortless).

This is probably because the location. At they record in a busy street and the cameraman is running around spending the first 2 minutes (sometimes the entire interaction) chasing the PUA on foot. And they don't bother to image stabilize.

In Overkill, some of the infields are in a shop or a less-crowded street.

The best infield footage I've ever seen is Tom Torero's free youtube video
titled Tom Torero Daygame Rejection (Infield)

My idea for creating the perfect infield footage is this:
instead of the cameraman chasing around the PUA,
have the cameraman in a stationary position.
Could be seated at a table, even inside a nearby shop
with his camera resting on a tripod or something.
PUA knows in advance where the shot is aiming at.
And PUA waits for hot girl and strategically stops her in the shot.
Perfect footage. Doesn't even need image stabilizer afterwards
(which oddly enough, I don't think I've seen any pua company
use image stabilizer, even though Youtube has a 2 click process
to make videos 10 times more watchable).

Having said that, I realize that even without my above solution,
daygaming when you know you're being recorded already feels very restrictive.
And my solution would only add pressure to the pua.

I spend a lot of money for video products,
only to upload them to Youtube (as a private or unlisted video)
to Image Stabilize them so I can watch them without getting a headache.
For a marketed product, I think this step should be taken by the seller,
not the buyer.

The best thing about this product is the subtitles.
They subtitled the whole thing, which is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY,
not just for Krauser but for Yad and Yosha and Matrix. Maybe Tom too.

Not only did Krauser subtitle these infields, but HE WENT THE EXTRA MILE
and made everything the girl said in PINK,
and everything he said in WHITE.

Not only are the infields themselves subtitled,
but also in the explanation section,
there is a double window (not sure what this effect is called),
where there's a frame inside the main video.

And there is explanatory subtext even during Krauser's
lecture (I'm assuming he went back and watched the video of his lecture,
then added clarification).

It's very nice that as you're watching the infield, the infield video will pause,
and then Nick Krauser pops up in a smaller window, within the infield video,
and comments on it; and on top of his oral comments,
there are additional helpful subtexts, adding to his own commentary.

It's necessary for two reasons:
1. I can't understand Krauser when he talks.
He can't pronounce his R's or L's when they're in the middle of a word.
2. The audio isn't always the best.

Fortunately, there are subtitles here.

In none of's videos are there subtitles--
even though the audio is so shitty in Daygame Blueprint
that the audience actually often ask what Yad said to the girl,
and Yad himself couldn't even tell, and Yosha and Yad--
they actually comment in Daygame Blueprint that they can't understand what Yad just said, and promised to subtitle it (but they still didn't subtitle it).

Definitely worth $200.
In fact I'd even pay $210 or maybe even $215.

I think Daygame Nitro and Daygame Mastery are the best books on daygame....
GoodLookingLoser has better infield videos
if I'm only talking about the watchability factor,
but he now uses a telescopic lens in a park,
and doesn't run in front of a moving girl (usually).

Also, there are many questions from the members of his seminar,
and they are written out at the end of each infield, then he answers them.

This is much better than, say, Daygame Blueprint,
where you can't even hear the god-damned questions from the audience,
and you can only hear the answers.
Also, the questions in Overkill are better than the ones you can hear in Blueprint.

Another thing that's good about this is the music is actually good
(as compared with's stuff, where the music sounds like it was designed to be the most annoying music in the world), and the intro/outro music doesn't destroy your speakers.
What infuriated me about DGblueprint was the intro/outro music was at a volume 10 whereas the main videos were at a 4 or 5. Gets really old to keep adjusting your volume.
Again, Overkill has awesome music and visuals and the volume is right.

Daygame Overkill is densely jam-packed with clear explanation.

In addition to the infield footage with in-depth analysis,
there's a 1 hour and 45 minute seminar explaining theory,
and also describing his “Eurojaunt,” how many opens he did (30)
how many lays he got (and of the 30, there are 10 infield videos, selected for their explanatory value),
and in addition, there's a 37 minute video (Theater Bar) where Krauser talks into a camera (in a noisy bar where he's raising his voice over the noisy murmur of the bar.. —but about 21 minutes in, the audio gets much better, even though he's in the same place—maybe he adjusted his microphone).

In the Theater Bar video, he explains the model, and then the model simplified.

Krauser also revealed his own ratios, and mentioned that the other gurus have about the same ratios.
He said that he gets one lay in about 30 approaches.

Considering the hotness of his girls, and his age and looks,
That's pretty damn good.

Yad said in Daygame Blueprint that he only needs to approach 4 girls to get a lay.
I'm guessing that Yad was remembering one day recently when the 4th girl he approached ended up fucking him, and in his mind just misspoke--asserting that his ratio is 4 approaches:1 lay.

Just like Mystery said a pua master gets 5 for 5, which is bullshit
because if you've seen Mystery's infield unedited, he gets blown out by ugly girls several times
before finally getting a kiss from a 47 year old retired female police officer.

Yet Mystery is so self-deluded that after each blow-out, he looks at the infield camera and says,
"That was a 100 percent success, because..."
So that's what Mystery means by 5 for 5--he means that you just count all your fails/rejections/blowouts/misses as hits.

Back to the point...
Daygame Overkill is filled to the brim with wisdom that you MUST watch it more than once to realize its true value.
The first time I watched it, I watched it as if watching for entertainment.
Second time, I was amazed at how many gems I missed the first time." -Brainbuster


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