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Investopedia Academy – Crypto Trading Full Video course

What will I learn?
Stop focusing on the headlines and the supposed "future of crypto" and shift your focus to the money-making opportunities of individual cryptos
Decipher varied applications of the blockchain within the retail and financial sector
Prepare yourself for trading by setting up a wallet, selecting the right exchange and researching potential crypto investments
Leverage technical analysis to spot short and long term crypto trends, and to mitigate market volatility and risk
Develop entry and exit strategies and plans to stick with them, despite large intraday swings
Trade on various crypto exchanges, with real time charting

This course includes:
70 lessons of on-demand video, exercises, and interactive content
Over 70 lessons of video, exercises and interactive content
Detailed steps on how to capitalize on crypto’s volatility
This course is designed for: intermediate crypto traders looking to move beyond the basics and develop real crypto trading strategies.

This course shows you not only how to capitalize on the big players (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc) but also how to dabble in 1500+ alt coins currently in the market. Additionally, this course not only has a strong focus on applicable skills knowledge (creating a wallet, transferring crypto assets, deciding which platform to use to trade) but also has extensive trading strategies.

Course Curriculum

Market Introduction
Overview of the Blockchain
Protocols: Fat vs. Thin
Modern Portfolio Theory
3 Approaches to Valuation

Reserve Currencies
ICO Market

Choosing an Exchange
Account SetUp
Using a Screener
How to Buy
Send and Trade
Connect to Multiple Exchanges

Trading Strategies
Candlestick Charts
Bar Charts
Technical Analysis
Trading in a Volatile Market

Money Management
Allocation of Crypto Assets
Risk per Trade

Entering & Exiting the Market
When to Exit
Setting Your Stops

Properly Investing
Altcoin Trading
Regulatory Considerations

Building a Diversified Portfolio
Exposure without Ownership
Securing Your Assets
Cryptocurrency Diversification

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