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Searching for the best FBA course online may be challenging for you so I want to narrow down the choices you have. I came across another popular course called the Online Retail Mastery by Beau Crabill.

I did a comprehensive look at what’s inside this program and guess what, I didn’t regret what I discovered.

If you are an aspiring Amazon seller, with or without experience, this course will be useful for you. This is not some kind of scheme that promises you overnight profit.

Instead, this is a program that teaches you the ideal way to find brand products and sell them on the world’s most popular online selling platform.

Beau Crabill Course Review – Who is Beau Crabill?
Before we talk about the modules and content of the course, let’s have an introduction on who Beau Crabill is and what makes him so popular in the eCommerce Industry.

To start off, Beau is a businessman since he was a kid. He saw his potential when he dyed Nike Elite Socks with a variety of colors and began offering them to the students at his school. That kid made a revenue of $1,200 for selling socks. Imagine that!

When his principal told him to stop selling, he started listing products on eBay at the age of 12 where he made $6,000-$10,000 as a profit. He was making about $500 a week. A 12-year-old kid making that money was a real deal.

His selling journey continued until he reached 15 and he was making more than $35,000 for selling white-labeled headphones. During this journey, he faced serious issues like getting his Amazon account suspended because of copyright infringement, which turned out to be an opportunity for him to make his own brand in this industry.

From that point, Beau kept on making money by teaching Amazon sellers through his Online Retail Mastery.

Online Retail Mastery Review
I know you’re interested to know more about the Online Retail Mastery just as much as I did when I first heard of the course. In general, this is an extensive program specially designed for people who are wanting to start selling on Amazon through its FBA platform. Beau really made this course well thought of, consisting of 16 modules. Here’s a run-through of what’s inside the Online Retail Mastery course:

Module 1: Pre-Introduction

Refund policy
Module 2: Introduction

Introduction to Amazon selling
Setting up a legal business
Setting up Amazon Seller Central
Difference between FBA and FBM
Module 3: Getting Sales

Use of buy box
How to make sales through the buy box
How the buy box rotates
How Amazon FBA warehouse works
How to get listed on the catalog of Amazon
How to monitor the buy box
Module 4: Shipping

How to ship through Amazon FBA
SPD (Shipping Small Parcel Delivery)
LTL (Less Than Truckload Shipping)
Module 5: Product Search

Forecasting sales
Understanding price history
Understanding sales rank history
Fees to sell products on Amazon
Sales factors
Module 6: Ungating

Introduction to ungating process
Main category ungating
Sub-categories ungating
Brand ungating
Ungating services
If you are not familiar with ungating, this is the procedure where you get approved for restricted categories on Amazon.

Module 7: Introduction to Sourcing

Introduction to sourcing
About authorized suppliers
Places where to find the best products
Types of suppliers
How many suppliers do you need
Module 8: Finding Suppliers

Finding suppliers
6 strategies to find the right suppliers
Module 9: Normal Stock & Working Direct with Brands

A bonus module with 3 strategies to find normal stock
Module 10: Vetting Suppliers

A bonus module on finding good suppliers
How to know if a supplier is good or not
Red flags on suppliers
Tips and trick to make sure the supplier is legitimate
Module 11: Working with suppliers

Determining how the products will work for you
Opening account with suppliers
Getting products from suppliers
Making good buying decisions
Paying suppliers
Module 12: Building a relationship with suppliers

Introduction on how to build relationships with suppliers
Strategies on how to build relationships with suppliers
Benefits of building relationships with suppliers
Opportunities created by building relationships with suppliers
Module 13: Misc Details

Inventory limits
Storage fees
Business reports
Using Amazon’s feature on how to track performance
Reimbursements, disposals, removal orders
Module 14: Automating your business

A bonus module to automate a business
Introduction to automation
Option to use a virtual assistance
Automate finding suppliers
Automate finding products
Module 15: Bonus Section

Another bonus module on how to do multi-channel fulfillment
Selling to international markets
Selling excess inventory
Wholesaling inventory
Managing inventory
Module 16: Conclusion

This module will put everything together
On top of these modules, I also like how Beau incorporated a resource library so that his students can download them anytime. Some of the resources provided are the complete list of restricted brands on Amazon, time management guide, reseller’s permit guide, and so on.

Is Beau Crabill Scam?
Beau Crabill is one of the FBA course providers who are not showing any signs of being a fraud or scam. I’ve given his Youtube videos months so I can listen to how knowledgable and experienced he is in terms of doing his business.

With $2,497, your knowledge will surely level up with the comprehensive course of this young man who has been working in the eCommerce industry for decades now. It’s a good investment than wasting your money on material things that won’t add value to your life.

Final Thoughts
Beau’s Online Retail Mastery is a long and intensive course for those who are serious to learn about everything that can happen on Amazon. Whether you are a newbie or you want to upgrade your experience as an online seller, this program is great for you.

I’m just a bit worried about the price since I find it expensive compared to other FBA courses. It’s like you bought 3 courses with its price. But, personally, I would seriously consider another course that have helped me personally. Just One Dime is a good alternative for that amount of money which you can read up more here.

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