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SELLING Trading Courses for CHEAP RATES!!

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ADAM KHOO Cryptocurrency Trading Course - Crypto Current



The Future of Money Is Here! Catch the Crypto Wave

Discover Cryptocurrency Investing — The Biggest Opportunity to Profit Since the Dotcom Boom

The crypto-currency boom is real. You must have heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and so on. It’s no secret; the potential of crypto-currency is simply too huge to ignore. In 2017, the crypto-currency market grew from $17 billion to $828 billion (in just one year) as of early January 2018. That’s a 5000% growth in just 12 months!

But since this astronomical growth in 2017, the crypto-currency market has taken a hit. With increased scrutiny and differing views on this massive phenomenon, the biggest of them all, Bitcoin, has taken a hit of more than 50% since January 2018.

Is it too late for me to catch the wave?

You’re still in time. In fact, this is just the beginning.

Like it or not, disruption is coming. Block chain and crypto-currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.) are disrupting the financial system; like how AirBNB has disrupted the hotels industry.

Experts have dubbed crypto-currency “the future of money” and with good reason too. You see, the applications of digital currency are virtually limitless. Japan has adopted Bitcoin as legal tender. And with the rapid adoption of crypto-currencies in countries like Korea, Germany, and Australia, early investors are seeing massive returns of more than 300% in a matter of months. With more “big players” joining the game, this is the best time to equip yourself with the skills to profit from the next boom.

Introducing... Crypto Current™ Investing Accelerator Course

Course Overview

Crypto Current™ is created for investors who want to take action on the crypto boom but are not sure how to start.

Cutting out all the complex jargon, it drives you straight to the core strategies that help you ride the crypto wave at the soonest.

• Are you new to investing? You will learn how to set up your crypto wallet step-by-step and how to profit in a safe and secure way.

• Are you already investing? Then this course will be your shortcut to picking up crypto investing and add to your arsenal of profitable strategies.

Don’t waste any more time and trade opportunities. Enrol for Crypto Current™ and let us show you the quickest way to enter crypto investing… minus all the fluff.

Packed with easy-to-digest video tutorials, Crypto Current™ gives you the confidence to navigate uncharted waters.

Course Curriculum
Lesson 0: Evolution of the Internet

Block Chain Technology and Bitcoin

Lesson 1: Cryptocurrency Classifications

Cryptocurrency Types and Examples

Lesson 2: Create & Funding your Wallet

Creating Crypto Accounts

Setting up Intermediary Exchange

How to send to and receive coins from Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Lesson 3: Secure & Minimise Risk from Hackers

Creating 3 keys to secure your cryptocurrency wallet

Lesson 4: Navigating Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Navigating Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Understanding Satoshi and USDT performance measure

Lesson 5: Charting Guide for Cryptocurrency

Chart analysis using Trading View

Lesson 6: Profiting from Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO)

Learn how to invest in token sales

Lesson 7: Passive Income Strategy for Cryptocurrency

Earning passive income without mining

Lesson 8: Cashing out your Cryptocurrencies

Cashing out your cryptocurrencies profits in the most cost efficient way

Lesson 9: The Multi-Bagger Potential of Alternative Coins

Fundamental analysis for high potential alternate coins

Lesson 10: Secrets to Post ICO Swing Strategy

Positioning for second price pump in hype up ICO

Lesson 11: Economics of Mining

Understanding mining packages and the math behind it

Lesson 12: Trade Management

Trade management – Order Types

Learn how to short cryptocurrencies

Lesson 13: Risk Management Tactics for Cryptocurrency

Manage risk Using Crypto Current spreadsheet

Monitoring your cryptocurrency performance using Crypto Current Portfolio spreadsheet

Lesson 14: Diversified Portfolio Management for Cryptocurrency

Expectancy and Portfolio management


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