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WP - Fan Machine V2 [OTO1+OTO2+OTO3+OTO4]

Attention: All Website Owners, Bloggers and Facebook Marketers

This Software Will Grow Your
Fanpages on Complete AUTOPILOT &
Start Adding Unlimited 100% REAL,
Targeted FANS to Any Fanpage
in under 2 minutes...

on 100% AUTOPILOT..
** NEW in v2.0 **

Trusted by over 8000 Customers...

This Software makes growing Fanpages 100% Hands-Free!

The thing about Facebook is : You have to Be SOCIAL.

You have to interact with people.

You have to interact with Fans.

You have to engage with content posted by others.

That's exactly what this plugin does for you... on AUTOPILOT.

It emulates how real people would interact and engage with others and that's how it grows your pages.

It will automatically find HOT PAGES in your niche - Fanpages with high number of fans and high engagement.

It will then start automatically engaging with fans on those pages, liking, replying and commenting to posts that have the highest engagement.

*NEW* INTELLIGENT MODE BUILT IN - It works with 100s of Fanpages at the same time without you having to pick which ones to interact with.

This will bring the MOST ENGAGING and active fans back to your fanpage and grow your FANS automatically.

Getting you the MOST TARGETED LEADS you'll ever get from Facebook.

So, this plugin will do all the necessary steps you need to do manually... but on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT.

Now You Can Get Unlimited Fans + Automated Content For Any Fan Page You Have...

Imagine getting 100s of new Fans everyday, without doing any work.

Imagine having all your Fanpages on COMPLETE Autopilot.

Imagine being able to take your content VIRAL...in just 10 seconds.

Imagine spending seconds (instead of HOURS) setting up your fanpage campaign.

Think of getting more sales, more commissions and more clicks to every offer you post..

Imagine making more and more money from your fanpages in less time.

What would it feel like to be able to get 100s of comments on every post on your Fanpage?

Never Struggle To Grow Your Fan Pages Again....

No more running ads on Facebook to get LIKES and FANS.

No need to manually post links of your fanpages to gather a handful of fans.

No more posting CONTENT manually to keep your fanpages FRESH.

Never again you will have to spend money to get fans.

No more manual labor for increasing your fanpage reach.

No more having to hire Virtual Assistants to do meaningless tasks for you.

No life-draining tech skills required to make this work for you.

Using WP Fan Machine 2.0 is as EASY AS 1-2-3...
After you install and activate it like a normal wordpress plugin, you can get it going in just 3 simple steps...

Step 1 : Add a Campaign

Simple create a new campaign, select your Fanpage you want to grow and add 3 keywords in your niche.

Step 2 : Fan Machine will AUTOMATICALLY Find HOT Pages for you

Hot pages are fanpages with a big number of fans and high engagement on the content. This is where you can attract your fans from.

Step 3 : Auto-Engage with the Fan Pages that are PERFECT for you.

Fan Machine 2.0 is INTELLIGENT. It will automatically pick the right fanpages to interact with and start engaging with 100s of Fanpages at the same time.

WP FAN MACHINE 2.0 Automatically goes to work and starts getting you REAL Targeted Fans on 100% Autopilot.



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