ultimate casino killer – easy win money in casino

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Item description

ultimate casino killer - easy win money in casino

This is unique software designed to make money from online casino.

This offer is exclusively in this shop. No other distribution chanel !!!

Software works with the 999dice gambling site. You can play with the following crypto: bitcoin, dogecoin, ethereum and litecoin.

You have the possibility thanks to this unique software to play in manual, in automatic your dice gambling strategies.
(You can let it play infinitely, that is, days, months, whatever you want, even if it stops because of a network break, it restarts all alone),
You also have a module that allows you to play with Labouchère, Dalembert, Fibonnacci systems ....

An automatic withdraw system is also available, just adjust it as you want.
It may also stop at a minimum or maximum value of gain or loss. This is a big advantage, if you want to win more often.
You can also use it on multiple computers at the same time, but with different 999dice accounts you will be able to earn more.

You will be able to import and export your strategies, as you want .... just go to the tools tab.
Moreover a system of real-time statistics is also available.

Your balance is also updated in real time with the 999dice website.

You can also save all your settings, nothing is ever lost ....

We offering automatically free lifetime updates. Technical support is here all the time to help you with any question.

All you need is computer: this unique software runs on windows, mac and linux.
When purchasing, do not forget to indicate the version you want for your computer. It is very important.

We propose you live video with strategies including winning strategies.

We will also give you some info for the startup and once you have accessed the software,
All options will be explained in the internal record or in the control screen located in the top window of this software ....

The software is 100% guaranteed, it is unique, it is very simple if you follow what is indicated ....

This software is extremely useful to win regularly, it is possible to earn about 0.08btc per day if you
will respect the strategies, but you can win more, it all depends on you ...

The software allows you to select the following languages (French - English - Indonesian - Spanish - Portuguese)


You will be able to access our Help Desk to answer all your questions. And this is offered to you FREE after your positive comment !!!

Because we work 24/7, so that you are satisfied. We attach great importance to your satisfaction, all our products work perfectly and we are careful to offer you affordable and interesting prices for you, without exaggeration.

We decline any responsibility on the use you will have with our products.
Product sold for informational purposes only.
Everyone is free to choose their use...

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