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Item description

So, What Is Targeting Inspector 2.0?

Targeting Inspector 2.0 is the first software in its kind that will enable you to drill deeper into interests and find better audiences for your Facebook ads.

All you do is enter the niche you want to target, then targeting inspector dives into the detail to find the hot keywords that will give you the most passionate possible audience and with the trends and demographics modules, you will even know what you should be selling to turn the best profit.

With Targeting Inspector 2.0 you will be able to:
Find untapped audiences in any niche.
Discover keywords and niche interests you would never find manually.
Search for multiple keywords at once Use built-in trends and demographic data to find out more about your market than ever before.
How Does Targeting Inspector 2.0 Work?

You Will Follow 3 Simple Steps:

[+] Step#1: Enter your results
You can enter as many results as you like.
[+] Step#2: Set your Filters
Want keywords that only include certain terms, are from a certain country, or that have a high number of likes? Just tick the boxes.
[+] Step#3: Hit Search
That's really it. Targeting Inspector will find the focused interests that target your hottest prospects, with no effort from you.
Some Features of Targeting Inspector 2.0:

[+] Multi-Keyword Target Engine:
Speed up your research by searching for multiple keywords at once.
No other targeting software can do this. With them, you're restricted to just one term at a time. When you're running a lot of ads, this gets old real fast.
But with Targeting Inspector 2.0, you can search for as many keywords as you want, yielding thousands of perfect results, massively cutting down your time investment.
Meaning you get to run more ads and make more profit than ever before.
[+] Deep Research Reports:
Hijack multimillion dollar demographic re-search. This module lets you see the demo-graphics of any keyword, AND pulls media kits from niche magazines where they reveal all their data on their audience.
This HUGE amount of data makes entering a niche you know nothing about almost as easy as if you'd been in it for years.
[+] Spy On Associated Interests:
Now you can find the hidden interests associated with your main term not just by name or keyword, but by NICHE. This means you can target whole new pools of hot prospects that no-one else has even thought to look for, let alone found.
[+] Advanced Filtering:
Make sure you only generate the very best interests for your ads.
You can filter by keywords. You can filter by category. You can filter by country and categories. You can filter by number of likes and people talking about this, so you're only finding terms that you KNOW can produce a lot of clicks.
You can even create your own filters, specific to your niche and business.
This advanced filtering system combined with your thousands of diversified results means you are only going to be left with the very best, passionate, ultra-targeted interests.
This is going to make your ads MASSIVELY more profitable... and you can do it better and faster than anyone else.
[+] Discover Too-Selling Trends:
Find the biggest trends daily with a single click.
Any social marketer knows that if you can hop on a trend, you can hit a HUGE home-run. And with Targeting Inspector's Feed module, you can find what's big and trending for your keyword and niche.
And when you know what people are shar-ing, you'll know exactly what product every-one is going to want to buy.
[+] Built-In knowledge Base:
We've designed Targeting Inspector to be so easy to use, you may never need this. But if you're ever unsure on how to make some-thing happen, we've put everything you need to know, right at your fingertips.
[+] The Best UI Ever:
This tool wasn't built for developers. It was built for YOU, and it's been designed to let YOU pick it up as fast as possible.
We've been through extensive tests to make sure it's as intuitive as possible... not to mention, it looks so good you could dress it in leather and call it Jessica Alba.
How You Can Use Targeting Inspector To Make Your Campaigns Massively More Profitable?

[+] Kindle:
Find an audience hungry for your new book by using the similarities module to target the websites of similar authors and make their fans yours.
[+] Amazon Affiliate:
Make more commissions by targeting associated interests in your niche no-one else has found.
[+] Teespring:
Sell more shirts than ever using the combination of hot trends AND better targeting.
[+] CPA:
Use the Deep Research module to find out more about your target audience than ever and take all the risk out of a new CPA promotion.
[+] Own products:
Drill down to the most focused audience possible to find the hottest leads on Facebook and now, you won't have to pay out huge amounts.
Who is Targeting Inspector 2.0 Aimed At?
NETWORK Marketers
CPA Marketers
VIDEO Marketers
Amazon Marketers
Email Marketers
FACEBOOK Marketers
Product Reviewers
Online Marketers
Offline Marketers

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