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AM HYIP script will work on any device and our script is completely a quick to responsive layout. It will work on all devices like Smart phones, desktop computer, laptops and tablets. No matter what device you use, surely you get you steady experience without annoy of implementing mobile or any other device layout. Custom hyip design layout will adapt to the user’s screen resolution and screen size.

Whether you are building a website for your business the responsive layouts are easily catching and adaptable by all users. Your site should grow around your content and every aspect of Responsive designs determines that perfect design. So go ahead, start building your website with responsive layouts and will adapt to your needs.

Multiple payment gateways
Instantaneous use of multiple payment gateways

Our new hyip script supports the instantaneous use of multiple payment gateways permits the different customer accounts to be mapped to different payment gateways. Several payment gateways can be used to sector payment processing for different types of customer. For instance, you may use special payment gateways for international customers versus domestic customers. Some sites may wish to specify multiple payment gateways, base on geographic location, type of customers, product type, etc. Multiple payment gateways also help with optimizing payment methods or fees for certain gateways.

Payment methods represent the different options a customer has for making a payment. Most sites will accept credit card payments through a payment gateway, but there are other options our most reliable HYIP script software accepting the following payment gateways such as, Bitcon, Capitalsure, Cash4WM, CGold, ECumoney, EEECurrency, EGold, EGOpay, EVOWallet, Eway, GoldMoney, Googlecheckout, HD Money, Neteller, Netpay, Nixmoney, Okpay, Payeer, Paypal, Payza, Perfectmoney, Pexpay, Solidtrustpay, Strictpay, Webmoney and also other offline payment mode such as Bank Wire , Western Union and etc…

Effective features for Admin
Configure all admin settings and also update the information to user

Conventional member account plans with customizable facilities.
Instant payment notification based on contribution and product sales.
Facility to maintain all customer database information in various situations.
Individual and mass payment management segment with various detailed functions.
Efficient and reliable content management for FAQs, terms of use, and other site content.
HTML integration tool is well defined and conformable to various online instances.
Built in settings that constructed to permit connections to Social Networking pages..
Capability to set up commission fees and transaction fees based on different activities.
In our best hyip script, at any time user get the payment instantly if the admin sets payout as instant.
User can make a request to release the deposit at any time.
Exchange of e-currency is simple by accessing the member area.
Email and the news notifications automatically send to the user
Currency exchange
Quickest way to convert your currency in online

Built from the experience of managing billions in foreign exchange each year, our most reliable HYIP script software has created an online international payments service provides you with the quickest and easiest way to convert your currency online at the touch of a button wherever you have access to the internet and exchange counter of your local bank.

Save time and money by sending your international money transfers the easy way. Online currency exchange rates were saving you money on each and every transfer plus no hidden charges and no commission fees With our HYIP manager script Online you can set up and save the details of multiple recipients saving you time and making it even easier when making payments in the future. Review your full account history and see a summary of all your payments online. All transaction documentation formats like PDF, CSV and Excel is available for you to save on your computer or can be printed.

More features
Customizable Report management

Report Manager is used to search out all the details. Admin can view the report for each process and also get the printed format for all report. That report is able to export as excel, pdf and csv formats.

Advance referral statistics

User can able to see the referral statistics with complete details for their downline and level commissions earned by them. Admin also capable of view the entire referral details including the commission, referral id etc..

Advanced Dashboard management

Advanced Dashboard contains charts, graph, complete transaction history and more. Admin be able to view all the current status and live statistics of the site.

Block IP

Admin can be able to block the particular IP address. After that the user can not be able to view the website with that IP address this feature is prevents the site from scammers and unauthorized IP’s.

Release Deposit any time

Admin can set every plan, that release the deposit before it maturity time with additional charges. So that user can release the deposit when they needs.

Instant payouts

Our HYIP script provides the option for admin to set the instant payout for their users. Admin can set this instant payout for individual payment gateways.

Track each transaction

For every user and admin can easily track their transaction history with ease process both of them have the full freedom to view and check their whole payment and transaction details.

Bulk payouts

Our HYIP manager script supports the bulk payout option to the user. Admin can release the bulk payment to the user at anytime into the exact users account.

Calculate your interest

Using the hyip online calculator you can calculate the interest, profits and earnings of your account by simply access the calculator in the homepage and calculate the profit before investment.

Secure database management

The data and the passwords are never to be hacked or decode we provide the complete secured database management to prevent data from the hackers.

Unlimited multiple innovative plans

Admin can easily create, edit and delete the plans also can create the plan up to current marketing approach and improve business successfully, join as the member in multiple plans to get huge profits.

Support multiple interest methods

Users can earn the various interests such as simple and compounded interest. Admin can enable or disable the interest range and percentage anytime. Users also changes their compounding percentage range.

IP validation

When the users are attempting to access the website the IP address are validated out correctly and stored in the database for future verification and admin can monitor in control panel.

Easy to manage statistics

Admin be capable of edit or modify the site started details and the last update details for all of their users. It will show all the details of deposits, withdraws, members and all updated details of the site.

Internal fund transfer

User can easily transfer the fund to one member account to another member account internally from the system. Admin can be able to view the details about the transaction and admin can set the fee the fund transfer.

High secured payment settings

Admin payment details are saved in the database as highly encrypted format, so no one can decrypt or decode the payment account details. Same as admin password will also encoded to prevent any sort of stealing.

Mail with WYSIWYG editor

Easy to use email designer to create great newsletters, promotional emails and other correspondence for your prospects you will be able to manipulate the mail with WYSIWYG editor it gives the colors, fonts, and other options in your mail text.

Easy handle user management

Through the effective user management admin can handle their users and also be able to block or suspend the user if any illegal transaction or irregular activities made.

Send bonus & penalties

Bonuses & penalties are maintained by the admin. Admin will be able to send out penalties for users who are involved in irregular transactions and bonuses for users who provide excellent performances.

Advance withdraw settings

Admin have options to set the minimum and maximum withdraw amount for the user. And also admin can set the withdraw fee. Admin can manage the number of withdraw by day, week and month.

Captcha code

Feature prevents you from the scammers and unwanted registration. Generally, this feature is for security purposes. The captcha code is executes when the GD library is enabled.

Profitable affiliate

Our scripts have a well defined affiliate program. This program gives profitable income to the referrals. Admin can view and manage their affiliate program in control panel.

Eye-catching responsive templates

Templates have own sparkles this attracts viewer to discover the page and is full of easy-to-customize. If you want to make your site unique then you can buy an exclusive template.

Ease single page installation

Our script comes with simple installation page, after upload the files in your server, you can make the installation easily by just enter the database details. No need to edit any PHP files.

Template integration

Customized the templates towards your target audience the flexible template system allows you to change the design. You can get ample of templates design in our gallery.

Integrated security feature

Our script affords the flexibility to apply integrated security functions such as encrypting methods, captcha code, IP validation etc. Developed based on MVC framework pattern for more security.

Advanced referral settings

Admin can set the direct sponsor commission, M X N plan and level controls for every plan and also admin set on off for referral settings.

Unlimited referral commission for each plan

There’s no limit to how many members you can refer. Admin can set the commissions level by level for each and every plan to make an investment.

Advance compound settings

Admin can be able to define a maximum deposit for which compounding is possible while member make an investment and also define a minimal and maximal compounding percent for member whoever joining.

Automated email notification

Our scripts send the automated email for each and every process in system All process such as registration, deposits, withdraw, release request, Sending bonus and penalty etc.

Advance currency exchange settings

In PAM HYIP investment script currency exchange fee are defined by the admin. After login, in member panel user can exchange their e-currencies account. Advanced currency management feature will allow you to keep track of ever-changing exchange rates.

Advanced time system feature

Admin can easily handle and manage the server time. The time will change according to the current locations of the server and it automatically alerts to the system in real-time tracking.

Unlimited new dynamic pages

Basically, our script consists of content management pages for website; however admin can add unlimited customized new content pages into the script dynamically.

Multiple offline payment gateways

Admin can able to receive or manage the deposits through offline payment methods .The Offline Payments module provides a simple pass-through checkout process that gives instructions for users to make payments offline.

Customizable news management

Latest information and the current news are updated in news section. Admin can add the news with photo, video and text etc using our editor. It will display in website Latest news section.

Exports all records

Our script allows the admin to export all or any part of records also it providing a different mode of extraction. Admin can export the entire record for every module as Excel, PDF and CSV formats.

Easy registration

New users of the website may join as a member by accessing the simple and easy registration. Our system sends the confirmation email to the user to check the email id for verification.

Efficient usage of charts

Chart modules display the drilldown data with stunning animations. Admin can visualize the investment details and also help to manage the investment programs efficiently and effectively.

Editable email template

Admin can edit the email template which is send to users by the system. Admin can change the contents with the tags of user’s details using the HTML editor.

DB Backup

Backup feature prevents the loss of data. Admin can be able to back up the whole MYSQL database. No programming or any other code is not required to save the database. It will be download as SQL file format.

DB Restore

Feature goal is to restore the whole database. Just upload the sql file and click the button to import. So no need any technical assistance for import the Database.

Controlled Sub Admin Management

Admin be capable add the sub-admin to manage the site and also users. Admin can set the rights to the sub-admin to handle the particular division. So admin no need suffer to maintain all the details as individual.

Latest Ticket system

Our script support the advanced ticket system, user can post their queries in their member panel itself. Admin can able to view their queries and reply to them and also follow up thread will available.

2FA Authentication

We have implemented additional security measure to further verify and identity for admin. This requires a unique PIN whenever the admin login. That PIN will send to admin mail id to confirm the login.

Customize Footer content

Footer of the website can be customizable through the admin control panel. Admin can set the copy rights content for their website and also admin can add the content which they needs.

Meta Information

Mete Keywords should be at the centre of your website design content categories, product grouping menu items and content articles and so on should all be optimized to make the best use of your core and associated Meta keywords.

Google analytical codes

Admin can add the Google Analytics tracking code in admin side, it consists global objects non-parallel tracking. Admin can get a more accurate user count, analyze the signed-in user experience, and get more reports and etc…

Site currencies management

Admin can add their currency in admin panel. And they can select the particular currency as default. Whole system will change the default currencies. Admin can easily convert the site base currency.

Advanced Bank-Wire Management

Our Script supports the bank wire payment for users to admin. Admin can add N number of bank details and update it. It will show in users deposit page to make the investment in bank wire. That deposit will be in pending until the confirmation of admin.

Highly developed user settings

Admin can control the user panel by just clicking the on off button. Admin can control such as user can change email, payment account details, creating a new tickets, referring friend, changing transaction password etc.

SEO friendly

Our script pages are SEO-friendly URL architecture which improve the website’s search engine visibility with Meta title and Meta Description for easily promotes to be able to find website.

Rate Us

Admin can easily upload the hyip monitors snippets in the rate us page. Also user can effortlessly view the rate us page of the website and they can easily rate it.

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