Nuance OmniPage Ultimate 19-OCR Scanning Software

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Nuance OmniPage Ultimate 19-OCR Scanning Software-Licence DOWNLOAD LINK + KEY

Turn paper, PDFs and images into valuable digital files to maximize productivity
Documents are critical to your organization’s productivity and workflow. Yet converting paper files into PDF documents can cause inefficiencies, increase costs and lead to re-creation that affects your productivity. Digital transformation starts with a business-oriented OCR solution to accurately convert documents and make them easily editable, searchable and shareable for a seamless workflow.
Kofax OmniPage Ultimate allows distributed businesses to accurately digitize files so any document is now easily converted, editable and searchable. With OmniPage Ultimate, your distributed workforce can reduce the amount of time spent converting files, lower operational costs, and manage and share documents.
Convert Documents for your Enterprise
Distributed organizations need seamless document transition from paper to digital to maximize productivity. OmniPage Ultimate delivers the flexibility, accuracy and accessibility required for your document conversion needs.
Digitize Documents So You Can Work Like Tomorrow
OmniPage Ultimate empowers your organization to work today like the workforce of tomorrow. Generate accurate, efficient document conversions through:
PDF search
Use eDiscovery Assistant to safely convert a single PDF or batches of PDFs in any format into completely searchable documents.
Improved accuracy
Enjoy exceptional OCR accuracy of digital camera images; document layout improvements faithfully reproduce your documents in a variety of output formats.
OmniPage Launchpad
OCR to any format, anywhere on the network, and archive and access documents on any device.
Batch processing
Schedule large volumes of files for batch processing from folders or email, with unattended automation for real-time document processing.
Scanner integration
Works with any scanner – mobile scanners, desktop scanners, all-in-one and multi-function printers.
Mobile document capture
Capture text with a digital camera or smartphone, and quickly convert pictures to text documents.
Language recognition
Process, edit and store documents from virtually anywhere in the world; the tool recognizes over 120 languages.
Supported applications
Enjoy support for the widest range of output formats, including PDF, Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Corel® WordPerfect®, HTML, ePub and many more.

System Requirements:
You need the following minimum system requirements to install and run OmniPage Ultimate:
A computer with 1 GHz Intel® Pentium® III or higher processor or its equivalent. Dual-core or Quad-core support recommended.
Microsoft Windows® XPTM 32-bit (SP3) with a 400 MHz processor, or Microsoft Windows® 7TM 32-bit or Microsoft Windows® 7TM 64-bit Editions or Microsoft Windows® 8TM 32-bit or Microsoft Windows® 8TM 64-bit Editions, both with a 1 GHz processor .
1 GB of memory (RAM), 2 GB recommended for advanced performance.
2.7 GB of free hard disk space for all components, 300 MB for application components and plus 100 MB working space during installation.
250 MB for RealSpeakTM Solo speech modules. (80MB for American English, 10-15 MB for each additional language).
200 MB for Nuance PDF Create. (Supplied with OmniPage Ultimate only).
700 MB for Nuance PaperPort®. (Supplied with OmniPage Ultimate only).
30 MB for Nuance Cloud Connector®.
1.2 GB for all four Nuance Vocalizer Expressive® modules (120-500 MB per language).
1024 x 768 pixel color monitor with 16-bit color or greater video card.
DVD-ROM drive for installation, or web access suitable for download.
A sound card and speaker for reading text aloud.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or above.
A compatible scanner with its own scanner driver software for scanning documents (WIA, TWAIN or ISIS scanner driver). Please see the Scanner Guide at Nuance’s web site for a list of supported scanners.
2-megapixel digital camera or higher, with auto-focus, for digital camera text capture.
Web access needed for online Activation, Registration, Live Update, Nuance Cloud Connectors, and Scanner Wizard database updating.
East Asian language handling must be installed in the operating system to view Japanese, Chinese or Korean documents. (Control Panel / Regional and Language Options).
If the size of the program files is an issue for you, perform a custom installation, and exclude unneeded Nuance Vocalizer language modules.
Performance and speed will be enhanced if your computer's processor, memory, and available disk space exceed minimum requirements. This is especially true when converting very large color PDF files. OmniPage is specifically engineered to take advantage of multi-core processors

Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and 2007 and 2010.
Open Text Hummingbird Enterprise.
Autonomy-Interwoven (iManage) WorkSite.
Open Document Management Application Programming Interface (ODMA) Link supporting a broad range of document management systems. Check with the vendor of your specific service to see if they work with ODMA. If your local network includes a Document Management System (DMS) that supports ODMA clients, OmniPage will be able to work with it.
Notes:Performance and speed will be enhanced if your computer’s processor, memory, and available disk space exceed minimum requirements. This is especially true when converting very large color PDF files.
East Asian Language handling must be enabled in order to view Japanese, Chinese or Korean documents. This option can enabled from the following location: “Start Menu > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Languages > Supplemental Language”.
OmniPage is not designed to install/operate in a Server Operating system, Citrix, or Windows Terminal Service (WTS) configuration.

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