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Kudani is a content marketing tool to that will allow you to create content, build infographics, find guest post bloggers, create and schedule social media posts and more. Kudani is a unique, fully featured content marketing platform that makes it easy to find content for your website. By providing a comprehensive suite of solutions for content curation and creation, website owners can look forward to all of the ranking and sales benefits of increased on site content.

Kudani is an Air Based software tool enabling you to do the following:

☆ Keyword Research
☆ Find out what is trending
☆ Curate Content
☆ Find out who owns sites you may want to connect with
☆ Design Infographics
☆ Provides Templates for Posts and Social Media Postings
☆ Incorporates a wide range of random facts you can use

Features and Benefits:

☑ Curate content from your feed– you can pull out the trending posts from feeds that are built in or personal feeds that you add into your editor to create your own and to promote directly on your blog, or social media. This ability is so unique and enables you to laser target your content to an appropriate demographic and subject or niche.
☑ Produce powerful titles– to attract reader’s attention, you need engaging and captivating titles which you can easily create based on your keywords. Just click on your selection of interesting titles. One keyword can develop a numerous amount of ideas to help you choose the correct titles and maximize your content.
☑ Improving your traffic – reach maximum eyeballs by promoting it through social media networking sites automatically, or either scheduling it in advance. Another unique part of the software that negates the use of other social media distribution tools.
☑ Editorial calendar helps to plan your content– filter your content by user, campaign, and automatic notifications to keep updated with the tasks.
☑ Team management– inform all the team members about the content status, which is visible in one place is the great feature for faster access and results.
☑ Content management– helps to view the status of the blogs whether published, scheduled, or a draft. Easy commenting is possible without touching the content of other users.
☑ Keyword search with greater volume– another amazing feature of Kudani is to fetch the list of keywords that are trending or people are searching for. You get a whole lot of highest volume keywords which are outstanding for improving the traffic.
☑ Great tool for keyword analysis– writers have the privilege of using the best keywords for their articles.
☑ Great looking dashboard– easy and simple to use dashboard gives an instant view of all your data at one place.
☑ A great planning tool for campaigning– managers can group the projects and notifications keep the writers updated with the tasks.
☑ Agencies can organize multi-site at one place– promote content for each client and manage multiple sites, instant visual of progress and promotion.

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