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iThenticate Plagiarism Report

In this Package you will be able to check your Research Paper on Ihenticate Plagiarism Checker and I will send you a PDF Plagiarism Report within a few minutes.
You can check any words limit or pages limit there is no words or page limit. I will charge you 20 USD Per Report. Per Report the price is 20 USD and it does not matter whether you check the same paper or new one. You will have to pay me 20 USD.

Increased support for quote exclusions
Should you opt to exclude quotations from the Similarity Report, iThenticate will now exclude all content between an updated set of quotation marks. This new support aims to provide a more reliable similarity score for our international users - specifically those submitting content in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Supported marks
iThenticate will disregard any matches that use the following quotation marks when you opt to exclude quotes from the Similarity Report:
Unsupported marks

iThenticate will not disregard matches using single quotation marks when you opt to exclude quotes from the Similarity Report:

iThenticate does not exclude 'quotes' between "quotes". For example: "This text would be excluded 'this text would not be excluded' but this text would be excluded."

Crossref posted content now matchable in iThenticate
Turnitin is now indexing Crossref posted content from publishers using Crossref Similarity Check, meaning this content is matchable in iThenticate.

Posted content consists of preprints, eprints, working papers, reports, dissertations, and many other types of content that has been posted but not formally published.

This type of unpublished content will be held in a separate node in our database, and will appear as an optional content repository when you create a new folder, and in the settings of existing folders. Look for the check-box under the Limit searches to these repositories section.
Improved Submission Process

We’ve enhanced our submission process by making the upload requirements more inclusive:

We've increased the possible file size limit from 40MB to 100MB when uploading to the database; and
PowerPoint (.ppt) and Excel (.xlsm) file formats are now accepted.

Ability to Set User's Language
Administrators are able to set the user's language when adding a new user to their account.
The iThenticate activation email will be sent to the user in the language that was selected.

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