Hidden Xmr Miner, Make $3000week %100 Working

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Item description

This is a Discreet XMR miner that can run undetected in the background of a computer, it is protected from discovery by many antivirus software and does not show up in task manager. It consumes CPU to mine XMR for you to use, Setup the software, input your XMR address, and proceed to infect tons of computers, via email spamming or whatever works best for you!
The More computers mining for you, the more money you can make each day!

Monero XMR Miner (Active or Hidden Mode) $24,200+ VALUE
Don't invest $10,000+ for decent returns when others can do the work for you for ONLY $300!

Description:Mine tons of Monero by infecting other computers without them knowing.

Simply add your payment address and miner will run hidden on computers/servers.

Imagine 10, 20, 50, 100 , 1000 , 10,000 infected computers MAKING YOU MONEY!!
(put on your university,campus,offices,internet cafe...endless possibilities

you can make millions ACT NOW
Get in now cheap while you can. Lets make money buddy :)

How does it work: Once infected, your victims computer will start to mine the crypto-currency Monero (XMR) for you in the background.

All you have to do is to spread it as much as you can and money will come automatically.

What you will receive:

+ 1 monero silent miners (including android miner)

+ Tutorials

+ Spreading tutos

i will send spreading tutos once you finalize your orders = its a gift from me , not mandatory

+ Bonus 1 thousand email addresses + spamming tutorial : once you finalize order + feedback

XMR miners :

-SilentXMRMiner v1.1 2021



-SilentXMRMiner v0.6 - Based on Lime Miner v0.3

.NET - Coded in Visual Basic .NET, requires .NET Framework 4.5.

Codedom - No need for external libraries to compile

Injection - Hide payload behind another process

CPU GPU Mining - Can mine on Both CPU and GPU (Nvidia AMD)

Idle Mining - Can be configured to only mine when computer is idle

-Silent Monero (XMR) miner for Windows 7-10

-Hidden-miner-builder FEB 2021




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