Eset Smart Secirity Premium V12 2019 5 Pc 1 Year GLOBAL

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Item description

Multi-device 20-character alphanumeric serial (Windows, Mac, Android, Linux) is sent xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

You always have availability for immediate delivery, you can buy the amount you need.

The software download is made from the official website

ESET Premium protection

Principal functions

Host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS) - Allows you to customize the behavior of the system in greater detail. It offers the option of specifying rules for the system registry and the active processes and programs, so that it allows to adjust the position with respect to security.

Protection against scripted attacks - Detects attacks caused by malicious scripts that attempt to exploit Windows PowerShell vulnerabilities. It also detects malicious JavaScript scripts that can attack through your browser. Protects browsers Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

Control of Webcam and Router - It shows you an alert message if someone tries to access your webcam. It allows you to check the security of your router and control who is connected.

Protection against network attacks - Protects all communications, as it blocks attacks that try to exploit network vulnerabilities.

Protection for Online Banking and Payments - This functionality allows you to secure your online transactions and payments at banking sites and helps you to be protected in each of the online purchases you make. It comes with a new user interface and is fully compatible with Windows®10.

Protection against Botnets - This is a new technology that protects you from infiltrations by botnet-type malware: it not only prevents sending spam, but also prevents network attacks from being carried out from your computer.

Exploits Block - Blocks attacks specifically designed to evade antivirus detection. It stops targeted threats and protects you from attacks on Web browsers, PDF readers and other programs, including Java-based software.

Advanced Memory Scan - Improves the detection of persistent malicious code that uses multiple layers of encryption to hide its activity.

Parental Control - Allows you to define what content can be accessed on the Internet. Choose from more than 20 categories or define access to specific sites.

Anti-Phishing - Perform online transactions in a secure manner and prevent fraudulent sites from obtaining your personal information.

Personal Firewall - Prevent them from intercepting your information and keep your team invisible while they are connected in public WI-FI networks. Define different profiles for the connection you use.

Antispam - ESET Smart Security Premium takes care of annoying unwanted emails with a smaller, faster and more efficient spam filter. It integrates with the most popular email clients, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Advanced Removable Media Control - Allows you to define what types of devices can be used or not within the team, you can create rules for USB, CD or Firewire units among others. Also when you connect one of these devices you can explore them for threats.

How do I install the product on my computer?

a) Uninstall any other antivirus product.

b) Download the purchased product.

c) Install the product by executing the downloaded file.

d) Activate your security solution by entering the serial you received by email.

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