Email Sender Deluxe v. 2.35

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Email Sender Deluxe v. 2.35 The perfect tool for email marketing and newsletters! With Email Sender Deluxe, sending out personalized bulk email and newsletters to your customers and clients just got a whole lot easier! Simply choose your recipients, write your email and hit Send! You can easily import recipients from databases, Excel, text files or enter them manually. You can store email templates, so you don't have to type the whole newsletter again the next time you send one. Email Sender Deluxe allows you to easily preview each email before it is sent to the recipients, letting you see the email they see. Attaching files to the emails is easy as well. This bulk email sender software also allows you to send to an unlimited number of recipients. And it's fast! This mass mailer utilizes multiple sending connections, maximizing the speed. If you send out newsletters regularly, need to notify your customers about new products and services, or just need a great email software, Email Sender Deluxe is here to help you!

◆ Features Highlight ⇛ Send personalized emails quickly! Send emails to all your customers in a snap! ⇛ Easily import recipients from databases Import from ODBC databases like Oracle, SQL Server, Access, MySQL and more. ⇛ Import recipients from files Import recipient details from text files, CSV files and Excel spreadsheets. ⇛ Easy-to-use HTML editor Use the powerful WYSIWYG editor to easily create your HTML emails. ⇛ Easily manage multiple "from" email accounts Each account can have its own email address and email server setup. ⇛ Store email templates for re-use later Quickly edit and send email you send often. ⇛ Personalize each email You can insert recipient fields such as "First Name" or "Country" into your email. ⇛ This is not a Smtp server. You'll need to get one by yourself. ◆ Additional Features ⇛ Preview all emails before they are sent. ⇛ Insert both embedded images and images that are linked to. ⇛ Send file attachments to all recipients. ⇛ Send both plain text and HTML versions of the email. ⇛ Use multiple email encodings such as languages and standards. ⇛ Send using multiple connections for maximum speed. ⇛ Automatically retry failed emails. ⇛ Update latest recipients from databases and files automatically. ⇛ Easily manage "from" accounts, recipient groups and email templates. ⇛ Send using SMTP server, DNS Send, Pickup Service and Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) ◆ OS: Windows

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