Ecommerce Millionaire Mastery – Kevin Zhang [$2,000]


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Ecommerce Millionaire Mastery - Kevin Zhang [$2,000]

Learn STEP-BY-STEP how to replicate my success with the MOST COMPREHENSIVE curriculum available.
The WORLD'S FIRST A-Z eCommerce master class.

Module 1: Introduction To Ecommerce
Lesson 1: Understanding the Entrepreneurial Mindset
​Lesson 2: The eCommerce Skillset
​Lesson 3: Opportunities Beyond Drop Shipping

Module 2: Branded Niche Dropshipping
​Lesson 4: My Unique Approach to Dropshipping
​Lesson 5: Discussing Other Approaches: The General Store
​Lesson 6: Discussing Other Approaches: The Single Product
​​Lesson 7: What is Branded Niche Dropshipping?
​​Lesson 8: How to Find your Perfect Niche
​Lesson 9: An Expert Approach to Sourcing on Aliexpress

Module 3: Ecommerce Consumer Psychology
​Lesson 10: The Importance of Understanding Consumer Psychology
​Lesson 11: The Four Pillars of Consumer Psychology
​Lesson 12: The Three Types of Buyers and Target-Conscious Acquisition
​​Lesson 13: The Five Golden Steps to Generating Sales

Module 4: Shopify Store Mastery
Lesson 14: Introduction to Shopify and Web Design
​Lesson 15: Understanding the importance of Adobe Photoshop
Lesson 16: Discussion on the Importance of Apps and Services
​​​Lesson 17: How to find Affordable and high-Quality Image Creatives on the Internet
​Lesson 18: The Fabulous 5 Keys to an Engaging Website
​Lesson 19: How to Name Your Brand and Pick a Domain Name
​​Lesson 20: The Characteristics of an Effective Product Page
​​​Lesson 21: How to Turn AliExpress Images into Engaging and High-Quality Pictures (5 methods)
​​Lesson 22: How to Write Incredible Product Descriptions using the Circle of Value Framework
​​Lesson 23: Warning Against Common Bad Practices and Insight into Optional Page Elements
​​Lesson 24: How to Add Trust Badges to Your Product Page
​​Lesson 25: How to Add Multiple Tabs to Your Product Page
​​Lesson 26: How to Add in Videos to Your Product Page
​Lesson 27: How to Add in Sizing Charts to Your Product Page
​Lesson 28: How to Add in Photo Reviews to Your Product Page
​Lesson 29: Navigating the Shopify Platform
​Lesson 30: Navigating the Shopify Theme and App Store
​Lesson 31: The Theory Behind Brand Logos
​Lesson 32: Step-by-Step Logo Creation: Example 1 (Fight Cartel)
​Lesson 33: Step-by-Step Logo Creation: Example 2 (Soul Bottoms)
​Lesson 34: Step-by-Step Logo Creation: Example 3 (Modern Habitat)
​Lesson 35: Step-by-Step Logo Creation: Example 4 (Lucca Leather)
​Lesson 36: Step-by-Step Logo Creation: Example 5 (The Pet Park)
​Lesson 37: Overview of District Theme
​Lesson 38: Configuring the District Theme Skeleton
​Lesson 39: Step-by-Step Banners Creation: Example 1 (Fight Cartel)
​Lesson 40: Step-by-Step Banners Creation: Example 2 (Soul Bottoms)
​Lesson 41: Step-by-Step Banners Creation: Example 3 (Modern Habitat)
​Lesson 42: Step-by-Step Category Picture Creation: Example 1 (Fight Cartel)
​Lesson 43: Step-by-Step Category Picture Creation: Example 2 (Soul Bottoms)
​Lesson 44: Step-by-Step Category Picture Creation: Example 3 (Modern Habitat)
​Lesson 45: Step-by-Step Final Touches: Example 1 (Soul Bottoms)
​Lesson 46: Step-by-Step Final Touches: Example 2 (Modern Habitat)
​Lesson 47: Creating a Home Page collection on District theme
​Lesson 48: Overview of Prestige Theme
​Lesson 49: Configuring the Prestige Theme Skeleton
​Lesson 50: Step-by-Step Banners Creation: Example 1 (Lucca Leather)
​Lesson 51: Step-by-Step Banners Creation: Example 2 (The Pet Park)
​Lesson 52: Step-by-Step Category Picture Creation: Example 1 (Lucca Leather)
​Lesson 53: Step-by-Step Category Picture Creation: Example 2 (The Pet Park)
​Lesson 54: Creating an Instagram Feed on the Home Page
​Lesson 55: How to Organize Products within a Collection
​Lesson 56: How to Create a Contact Us Form
​Lesson 57: How to Create an Order Tracking Page on Your Website
​Lesson 58: Essential Website Pages to Have in Order to be Legally Compliant
​Lesson 59: How to Create a Comprehensive Website Footer
​Lesson 60: How to Remove “Powered by Shopify” From Your Website Footer
​Lesson 61: How to Increase Conversion Rate and Capture Valuable Data Using Wheelio (Exact Configuration)
​Lesson 62: How to Speed up the Editing Process Using a Bulk Editor
​Lesson 63: How to Optimize Load Time on Your website
​Lesson 64: Protecting Your Website From CopyCats

Module 5: Setting Up Your Facebook Account for Advertising
Lesson 65: Setting up your Business Manager
Lesson 66: Setting Up a Facebook Page for Your Business
​Lesson 67: Setting up Your Ad Account and Creating Your Pixel
​Lesson 68: Creating a Back-up Pixel and Easy Catalogs using Trackify

Module 6: Making engaging and Highly Profitable Advertisements
Lesson 69: Introduction to Facebook Creatives
​Lesson 70: The Anatomy of a Facebook Advertisement
​Lesson 71: The 4 Characteristics of an effective Facebook Advertisement
​Lesson 72: Introduction to Making effective Facebook Creatives
​Lesson 73: Still Image Creatives
​Lesson 74: Step-by-Step Still Image Ad Creation: Example 1 (Fight Cartel)
​Lesson 75: Step-by-Step Still Image Ad Creation: Example 2 (Soul Bottoms)
​Lesson 76: Step-by-Step Still Image Ad Creation: Example 3 (Modern Habitat)
​Lesson 77: Slideshow Creatives
​Lesson 78: Step-by-Step Slideshow Ad Creation: Example 1 (Fight Cartel)
​Lesson 79: Step-by-Step Slideshow Ad Creation: Example 2 (Soul Bottoms)
​Lesson 80: Step-by-Step Slideshow Ad Creation: Example 3 (Modern Habitat)
​Lesson 81: Carousel Creatives
​Lesson 82: Step-by-Step Product Angle Carousel Creation
​Lesson 83: Step-by-Step Best Seller Carousel Creation
​Lesson 84: Step-by-Step Product Video Carousel Creation
​Lesson 85: Video Creatives
​Lesson 86: Step-by-Step Video Ad Creation: Example 1 (Soul Bottoms)
​Lesson 87: Step-by-Step Video Ad Creation: Example 2 (Modern Habitat)
​Lesson 88: How to Write Effective Copy: My Plug and Play Writing Process
​Lesson 89: Step-by-Step Copywriting: Example 1 (Fight Cartel)
​Lesson 90: Step-by-Step Copywriting: Example 2 (Soul Bottoms)
​Lesson 91: Step-by-Step Copywriting: Example 3 (Modern Habitat)
​Lesson 92: Discussion: Using Emojis Effectively in Ad Copy

Module 7: Facebook Ad Strategy Mastery (Part 1)
Lesson 93: Introduction to Facebook Advertising
Lesson 94: Understanding the Power of Facebook Advertising
​Lesson 95: Setting up Facebook Ad Manager for Expert Data Analysis
​Lesson 96: Breaking Down Facebook Ad Manager
​Lesson 97: The 5 Core Principles of Facebook Ad Strategy
​Lesson 98: The Three Audiences on Facebook Advertising
​Lesson 99: The 3 Phases of Scaling Facebook Advertising
​Lesson 100: How to Launch Facebook Ads on Day 1
​Lesson 101: How to Leverage Shopify Analytics
​Lesson 102: Understanding the Efficacy of Warm Traffic and Re-Targeting
​Lesson 103: How to Set Up a Retargeting Campaign
​Lesson 104: Framework for Data Analysis and Improving Performance
​Lesson 105: Understanding ROAS and Cost Per Purchase
​Lesson 106: Leveraging Order Metrics for Basic Accounting
​Lesson 107: Losing so You Can Win
​Lesson 108: Creating Lookalike Audiences after 100 Recorded Purchases
​Lesson 109: Using Trackify to Make LAA’s and Hidden LAA’s
​Lesson 110: Marketing Effectively to Foreign Countries
​Lesson 111: Manual Bidding Explained
​Lesson 112: How to Solve Ad Fatigue, Audience Fatigue, and Product Fatigue
​Lesson 113: The Importance of Continuous Testing
​Lesson 114: My Evergreen Ad Strategy: The Spider-Wed Method

Module 8: Facebook Ad Strategy Mastery (Part 2)
Lesson 115: Everything you need to know About CBO’s
Lesson 116: Advanced CBO Strategy 1
​Lesson 117: Advanced CBO Strategy 2
​Lesson 118: Advanced CBO Strategy 3
​Lesson 119: Advanced CBO Strategy 4
​Lesson 120: Advanced CBO Strategy 5
​Lesson 121: Shotgun Surf
​Lesson 122: Sniper Method
​Lesson 123: Manual Bid Scatter bomb (John Style)

Module 9: Most Important Business principles to understand for eCommerce
Lesson 124: Revenue or Total Sales
Lesson 125: Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
​Lesson 126: Gross Margin
​Lesson 127: Average Order Value
​Lesson 128: Target CPA or Target Cost per Acquisition
​Lesson 129: Cash Flow
​Lesson 130: High Ticket vs. Low Ticket Items
​Lesson 131: The Magical Ratio and Price Testing
​Lesson 132: Subscription Based Model
​Lesson 133: Free + Shipping
​Lesson 134: Product Bundles

Module 10: Email Marketing and SMS Marketing for Dropshipping
Lesson 135: Effective Email Marketing: Email Blasts
​Lesson 136: Effective Email Marketing: Automated Email Flows
​Lesson 137: How to Set Up SMS Marketing

Module 11: A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing
Lesson 138: How to Set Up A/B Testing
​Lesson 139: How to Set Up a Multivariate Test

Module 12: Customer Support Best Practices
Lesson 140: Introduction to Customer Support
​Lesson 141: How to Fulfill Your First Order
​Lesson 142: How to Start with Customer Service for Your Store
​Lesson 143: How to Hire a Team and Automate the Process
​Lesson 144: How to Handle Returns and Exchanges: Finding a 3PL
​Lesson 145: How to Handle Returns and Exchanges: Crafting your Returns Policies
​Lesson 146: How to Handle Returns and Exchanges: Dealing with Angry Customers
​Lesson 147: How to Set up Zendesk
​Lesson 148: How to Set up a G Suite
​Lesson 149: How to Set up Facebook Comment Moderation

Module 13: Keeping Your Business Alive and Out of Trouble
Lesson 150: Introduction to Legal Compliance
​Lesson 151: When to Form a Business Entity or LLC
​Lesson 152: Dealing with State Tax
​Lesson 153: Facebook IP Infringement
​Lesson 154: Dealing with Facebook Customer Feedback Need to film video on Setting shipping speed
​Lesson 155: Facebook’s Advertising Policies Explained
​Lesson 156: How to Retrieve a Banned Facebook Ad Account
​Lesson 157: Key FTC Compliance Laws you Need to Know
​Lesson 158: Dealing with the BBB and other Watchdog Groups
​Lesson 159: How to Navigate Payment Processors
​Lesson 160: The Dreaded Match List + 5 Year Ban

Module 14: Building Advanced Infrastructure and Achieving Full Automation
Lesson 161: The Importance of Building Infrastructure
​Lesson 162: The Principles of Automation and Freeing up Your Time
​Lesson 163: A Look Behind the Scenes of my Ecommerce Organization
​Lesson 164: Finding the Right Team Members for Your Business – The Management Mentality
​Lesson 165: The importance of Hiring Slow and Firing Fast
​Lesson 166: Giving People More than They Deserve
​Lesson 167: How to Leverage Upwork and Fiverr to Outsource Projects
​Lesson 168: Understanding your Supplier on Aliexpress
​Lesson 169: How to Negotiate a Deal with your Aliexpress Supplier
​Lesson 170: The 3 Principles of Doing Business with the Chinese
​Lesson 171: How to Improve your Order Delivery Times
​Lesson 172: Branding Products and Adding Customer Packaging
​Lesson 173: Finding Alternative Suppliers
​Lesson 174: Consolidating your Suppliers into One
​Lesson 175: Moving Away From AliExpress and Oberlo Fulfillment
​Lesson 176: Adding Your Supplier into Shopify
​Lesson 177: How to Configure Spreadsheet-Based Fulfillment
​Lesson 178: Navigating the Ongoing Trade War with China

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