ANDROID Fraudbox virtual mach — 2020 INSTANT DELIVERY!


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Android Mobile Virtual Machine Fbox 2020

!! Please Atemption!!!
*The VM need a Medium hardware configuration to go, CPU with 4 core and 8gb ram!!!

Increase mobile-jobs success and no redflags by using VirtualBox VM with Android instead of the Android emulator.

- Spoof Hundreds of Different Devices and Configs
- Use your account holders phone number
- Show your gps as being inside account holders home
- Hack installed to hide that mock locations is enabled
- Spoof all account holder details
- Clone Box rinse repeat
- Change into different os 6.1 all in between
- Change into 50 different devices
- Have every virtual box get its own unique fingerprint
- Marshmello 6.0 System
- Box uses 2 cores and 4096 memory (Can not run in lower setup)
- Root and Xposed Installed
- Wealth of banking apps preinstalled
- Money Trasfer Services Preinstalled
- Working On Linux Host
- Working Anywhere Oracle Virtual Box can run
- VMware not Supported Presently


? Bofa
? Chase
? Device Emulator
? Ebay
? Facebook
? Fake GPS
? Invoice Bee
? Invoice Simple
? Mint
? Mobile Faker
? Moneygram
? PayPal
? Paypal Business
? Playstore
? Quickbooks Online
? Square Point of Sale
? Skrill
? Transferwise
? Venmo
? Wallet
? Wells Fargo
? Xoom

Android6x86 - 4.32 GB

USA, USD, GBP, EUR, JPN, Globally Approved Bank Accounts, MasterCard, Master-card, Master, Debit Card, Debitcard, Prepaid Card, Prepaidcard, Creditcard, Credit card, Cards, Verified Account, Full Information. Currency, European, Europe, Euro, Euros, Great Britain, British Pound, United States Dollar, United States, UnitedStates, State, US Dollar, United States of America, Country, Wire, Transfer, ACH Transfers, Wires, Payoner, Wired, Transferred, Wiring, Transferring, Card Holder, Withdraw, Deposit, Deposits, Depositing, Withdrawal, Payoneer Accounts For Sale, Buy Verified Payoneer Accounts, Worldwide, virtual machine, emulator, Bofa,, Chase, Device Emulator, Ebay, Facebook, Fake GPS, Invoice Bee, Invoice Simple, Mint, Mobile Faker, Moneygram, PayPal, Paypal Business, Playstore, Quickbooks, Square, Skrill, Transferwise, Venmo, Wallet, Wells Fargo, Xoom

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