Weaponized Hypnosis

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Your Mind Is Private Property – Trespassers Will Be Shot!

Dear Friend,

You know the feeling. You’re sitting in your office at work, or hanging out with your friends. Everything’s going fine until…

…somebody shows up and says something. Maybe they make a very subtle comment. Maybe they ask a favor. Maybe out slips a remark about something you said or did earlier. You don’t know why, but you feel under attack.

You Can’t Say Anything
No matter what you say, they just look at you as if you’re crazy. “What are you talking about?” Your friends all look at you as if you’re imagining things. Maybe you’ve even been told once or twice:

“You’re just too sensitive!”

The Surface Level Myth

Humans have been around for a long, long time. Only recently have we developed spoken language. Studies show that spoken language, the actual words we say, only make up about ninety percent of our communication.

What’s Everything Else?
Everything else is the energy. The total of all our non-verbal communication. The same collection of non-verbal communication used by lower primates. Lower primates that use that energy to take care of one another, and to send deadly messages to one another.

You’re Reading Way Too Much Into What I Said!
Have you ever heard that? It’s a very clever, and up to now, a seemingly perfect tactic. The reason is it works beautifully. And very deadly. It’s a way to insult somebody, and not get caught insulting somebody.

Deceptive Humans
A curve ball is a deceptive tactic by a skilled pitcher. The batter sees the pitch coming, and it looks like it’s going to be inside. Out of the strike zone. A ball. So he doesn’t swing.

Enter The Curve
But then the ball curves just at the last nano-second, touching the corner of the plate. The umpire calls a strike. The batter stands there, looking and feeling like an idiot. Most of the fans watching wonder why he didn’t swing at such a fat pitch. Only experienced batters know what it feels like.

But some curve balls are much deadlier. Much more wicked. Instead of curving back toward the plate, the curve toward the batter. These are very rare, and they are the kind of pitches that clear both benches and end with physical violence.

The trick is to convince the batter that the ball is just going to brush by him, so he just stands there. But at the last nano-second, the ball curves not toward the plate, but toward the batter.

The Structure Of Covert Insults
This is what happens when you get a subtle insult. The insult energy is there, but on the surface, it seems just like a regular statement. So when you get upset, and try and call them on it, they can believably say:

“Dude, I didn’t mean anything by it, chill out!”

Not only did they insult you, but they tricked you into making yourself look even worse. Just like tricking a batter into leaning into a pitch. Malicious, vicious and evil.

No Defense
Some people do this very, very well. They know how to use their words with extreme viciousness, but at the same time appear to be normal and even friendly. They are so skilled with their subtle insults they are only felt by their target. It’s like they have a way of freezing time, punching you in the face, and then stepping back as if nothing happened.

This Is Sparta!
A much more important line from the movie, “300,” was, “Come and take.” This is what King Leonidas said to the Immortals when they told him to lay down their weapons. They said if they surrendered peacefully, they wouldn’t be killed. But they would not only have to surrender their weapons, they would have to surrender their property as well. Their farms. Their homes. Their way of life.

Got any questions? Send them my way, I'm happy to answer them.

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