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A Method To Recover Any Bitcoin wallet.dat files , even if it's a corrupted file . Without having the password or private key of the wallet .

this method has not been seen anywhere simply because it's my own method .

i have heard many people claiming to recover your wallet.dat file and split the goods 50/50 , this is a pure scam , why even i split the lost bitcoins of your wallet.dat file 50/50 when i can take them all . so this is a 100 % Scam .

My Method Has Been Approved In So many places , you can google ( how i recovered my btc wallet , haxify recovered my btc wallets , 2020 proven method to recover my btc wallet & so many ) and you will find a couple of reviews about me .

If you are wondering how this method works , drop me a message and i will try to explain as much as i can to give you a simple brief about it .

Please Don't Waste My Time If you are not willing to recover your wallet.dat file and don't ask for profit sharing .

And Remember That Knowledge is power


Notes :
- All Prices are Final And Can't Be Negotiated .
- Telegram Support Is Given Upon Purchasing and fulfilling Requirements .
- Team Viewer Support is given after finalizing the Auction .

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