Unlimited Google Drive for Your Existing Account

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After purchasing, send me a note or message indicating ONLY 1 MAIL

Important: If your order was marked as shipped, you can verify it in your drive account

Product characteristics:

- Unlimited Google Drive storage for your current Gmail account / Team Drive (It will not be merged with the free 15gb space, it is a unit with unlimited capacity anchored to your account)
- We only need your Gmail address, no password is required, reliable and secure.
- There is no monthly or annual payment. (One lifetime payment)
- It is not linked to any domain of education or non-profit organization, for which there is no risk of banning the unit, it is linked to the domain of our company.

When your order is marked as shipped, you must do the following:

1.- Enter the email that you can control in the message and go to Google Drive, you can see the shared units that you bought (you can see image 3 of the ad)
2.- You can rename the unit, add people to the unit with different privileges, even customize the background of the unit.
3.- To send a unit to another email you must do the following:

ATTENTION THIS ACTION IS IRREVERSIBLE, once this is done you cease to have power over the unit and will not be able to see, manage or recover the unit sent (include the files in it), I am not responsible for it, check the email of the person to whom you want to send the unit.

a) Add the member to whom you want to deliver the unlimited unit as Manager (essential to be under this position), finished to update by pressing f5 to update the members of the unlimited unit. (image 5 of the advertisement)

b) Select the unit that you shared with the member and right click on it, selecting the option to manage members, who should see two or more members as \"manager\" of the unit, a serious member the person you invited (who is to which you want to deliver unlimited unity), the other serious member me and the serious final member you, must first remove me from the unit and then yourself from the unit (image 6 of the ad), in this way the unit It will be sent to the person you added as manager, leaving you with absolute authority over the unit and files.

Applications that work with unlimited space:

Google Drive (web)
Google Drive (mobile web)
Synology Active Backup
Plex (only works when used with Google File Stream [Windows or Mac OS] or Rclone mount or Rclone cache [linux or Mac OS])
Google Drive for KODI
Python-GoogleDrive-VideoStream (including Emby Media Server)
Google Drive API v2 / v3
Insync - as of November 2017, supported with the one-time purchase of an Insync Team license
Air Explorer
Google-Drive-ocamlfuse (PC-mounted)

Applications that DO NOT work:

PlexCloud / PlexDrive
QNAP NAS - developer is working on support
Synology Cloud Drive - developer is working on support
Google File Stream Application (Desktop Application)
Backup and sync (use Google File Stream app when possible)
Google Drive Sync (Google end of life, no longer maintained and not working)
Google Photos: You can include photos on the unit, but are not linked to Google Photos in any way.
Google Photos iOS, Android, Mac, Windows: You can\'t use the Google Photos app, but you can upload photos with the Google Drive iOS / Android app

Common questions:

Question: Can I move files from my Google Drive to Team Drive?
Answer: YES, for example, if you have a song on your current drive to move it to the added drive, just create a folder, grab your file, and drag it to the folder on the added team drive, then confirm the message that appears.

Question: Will this increase my current space from 15GB to unlimited?
Answer: No, we will add a new unit to your current Google unit and this new unit will have unlimited storage (only you will have access to this unit, you will be deprived of your exclusive access)

Question: Can I use storage for media / video files?
Answer: Yes. You can load the media using Google Drive tools, the Google Drive website, or third-party tools. You can play video files using the applications or the Google Drive website (original and transcoded versions). You can also use Google Drive for KODI (gdrive) or Python-GoogleDrive-VideoStream to play your media on any HTML5 compatible device (computer or mobile device). You can also use EmbyServer.

Question: Can I use the space for email storage?
Answer: No. The additional unlimited space is for Google Drive storage only. There will be no changes to your email storage with gmail.

Question: Can I use the Google Photos app?
Answer: No. You cannot use any of the Google Photos apps or websites to save photos to the unit. You can upload photos to store on the unit using the Google Drive app, Google Drive website, or compatible third-party Google Drive apps.

Question: Do I have to pay again? Monthly? Annual? Never?
Answer: This is a one-time purchase. The space is yours as long as you have your Google account.

Question: Can I use this with a G Suite account?
Answer: Yes, G Suite accounts work best with this unit, but do not require a G Suite account.

Question: Who has access to my files?
Answer: Anyone who defines \"help members\" as access. You can provide others, such as friends, family, etc., with property, edit or view access to your unit. No one else has access

Question: Can I share files and folders?
Answer: You can grant ownership to up to 600 people who have Google accounts, edit or view access to the entire unit. Additionally, you can grant file-by-file access to anyone else (view or edit access) and can \"share with link\", including public sharing with or without login required. You cannot share entire folders but you can share files.

Question: If I move my account, how to delete it or open a different account, can I hold the data and unlimited space?
Answer: Yes, you must follow step 3 indicated in the ad, it only takes a few minutes and the process is fast and safe.

Question: Can I use the Google Drive API with this unlimited space?
Answer: YES. You can use Google Drive API v2 or v3. Any app that its developers kept in 2017 will work.

Question: Can my Google account be blocked / deleted?
Answer: NO, the worst thing that could happen if Google\'s TOS were violated, would be to ban the unit, but not the account.

Question: Purchasing a similar product years ago and after a while my unit will be eliminated, can the same thing happen again?
Answer: Units that were sold by a domain under the .edu termination or from non-profit organizations are violating Google\'s TOS, therefore they will be removed and if they have not yet done so, they will be removed as soon as we discover that they are profiting. with it, since google gives these units free to these institutions for the benefit of the same, but not to be sold, incurring it violates their TOS by voiding the contract; something that does not happen when the domain is under the authority of a company (which has to pay its contract).

Question: Can I save pornography or copyrighted files?
Answer: Google\'s TOS clearly says that a unit that stores: pornography or files that are copyrighted and massively shared sea, (not for personal use) will be banned or unsubscribed, so I recommend if you are going to have something of the aforementioned not to share the unit or the links publicly, taking care of your unit is your responsibility, so if they ban it having been announced I cannot be held responsible for it.

Terms and Conditions

-By purchasing from this site, and by using of Google Drive services associated with this purchase you accept Google Drive Terms of Service.
-This is a digital product, nothing physical is shipped, only understand if this agreement as described.
-Verify well the mail that is being left in the message, since once the article has been sent there is no place to complain.

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