Unlimited $500 Google Ads & VCC Accounts +$1K Ad Coupon

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Google Threshold account is one secret that has been kept away from the internet for long. I was able to decipher how to create these accounts. Not only that, but you can also create multiple accounts in hundreds or thousands. Each account can get a $500 without you spending a dime.

How Can Google AdWords Threshold Account Benefit You?

• Get traffic to your eBay or Shopify Store
• Build an email list
• Sell Threshold Accounts after creating them
• Get traffic to your CPA links
• Promote random affiliate offers
• Etc.

Imagine you create a hundred accounts and sell each for $250 - that's a whopping $25K!

Typically, this leak shouldn't go for anything less than $5K. However, I'm giving it out here for just a token. Take advantage of this offer and start making money selling threshold accounts or promoting your offers. You may not see this book to purchase tomorrow.

Everything is explained inside with screenshots. Be sure I won't leave this guide here for long.

1. Perfect Audience $100 Coupon
2. Yelp Ads $300 Coupon
3. Apple Search Ads $100 Coupon
4. LinkedIn Ads $50 Coupon
5. Amazon Ads $50 Coupon
6. Yahoo Gemini $50 Coupon (After $10 Spend)
7. YouTube Ads $100 Coupon (After $50 Spend)
8. Bing Ads $100 Coupon (After $25 Spend)
9. Snapchat Ads $150 Coupon (After $50 Spend)

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