uk verified paypal account with vba and all documents

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verified sthealth uk paypal account comme with id photo matching account details provided
proof adress + linked bank statements
all you need to left paypal verification
verified with uk bank account (sort code + account number)
all limit are left (sending ,receiving ,balance ) there's no amount limit
you will get account login details : email acces + password
you can change phone number to your own any phone number from any country are accepted ( not mandatory to access and use the paypal account)
this account can be used worldwide no need for vpn or vps.
future :
-send and receive payment as freinds and family ( no hold)
-start receive and send payment as good and service
paypal account fully verified with VBA no need for VCC
lifetime verification ( account will remaind verified forever)
stealth account in good standing

telegram @ukvba

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