The Magic of Mardi Gras 5e RPG Tabletop Adventure


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For fans of Dungeons & Dragons!

Combat Challenge Difficulty: Level 3
# of Players: 4 - 6
Roleplay: 50%
Exploration: 20%
Combat: 30%
Estimated Play Time: 3 to 5 Hours

The small village of Point du Mardi is nestled in the crook of Bayou Gras (pronounced bahy-oo groh). It is a tightly knit Cajun community consisting mostly of humans. This seemingly insignificant village which cannot easily be found without a guide is one of the first Cajun settlements in this region and lays claim to some of the culture’s oldest traditions. Except for one…

This module contains:
DM Map - Point du Mardi
Player Map - Point du Mardi
Encounter Battle Maps
Monster & Item Cards

I am the creator of this module and own all rights to it.

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