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Texting Mastery | Willy Beck

Who is Willy Beck?

My goal is to guide you as a coach, so you are able to live in abundance and have the women you want in your life. With the right amount of effort and guidance, there is no limit to your personal changes and success with women.I believe in building a solid character through a transformational process. Imagine you are entitled to the most beautiful women, able to express yourself truthfully as you want in any given moment.

Free from the anxieties of other people’s perception of you, being fully grounded in your own positive energy as a man. Coaching you to improve your dating life resonates with my deepest core purpose. I love self discipline, hustle, and challenge for the right purpose, this is what I live for everyday. I believe in a work ethic that is based on my own personal life values. As a man there is nothing someone can give you, that you cannot get yourself.

He was part of Simple Pickup for several years, and now finally released a product of his own – Texting Mastery

Texting Mastery Contents:

Module 01 – Texting Foundation
– Texting Foundation

Module 02 – Different Texting Styles
– Roleplay Texting
– Role Reverse Texting
– The Shakespeare Sequence
– Texting Intrigue
– Novel Texting
– Shared Interests Texting
– Texting Style Mixed

Module 03 – Dealing with Flakes
– The Stringing Along Spin
– From Flake to Chase
– Handling Contradictions
– Summary

Module 04 – Re-Engaging Dead Numbers
– Re-Engaging Messages and Times
– The Connection Life Bar

Module 05 – Phone Game
– Phone Game Foundation
– Two Phone Game Examples

Module 06 – Image Sources
– Memes and Pictures

Module 07 – Bonus
– Online Game Pictures

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