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7 Swing Trade Strategies Ensure a Steady Flow of Ideas

You’ll master Sami’s 7 top swing trading strategies so you’ll never have to ask yourself “what’s next?”

Here’s how they help you make money:

Transition A Play Long: Get in a stock just when a severe downtrend ends.

Transition B Play Short: Short a stock when its massive uptrend comes to an end

Transition D Play Long: Watch the last batch of novice traders panic out of a stock, and exploit the bottom they just created

Stage 2 Long & 4 Play Short: Jump on momentum moves by using pullbacks go get long, and breakouts to get short

Gap Play: Ride a powerful new trend created by an explosive gap (works long and short)

Earnings Play: Get in before those big post-earnings gaps — this is Sami’s #1 moneymaker, and it works on the long and short sides!

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