Steph Smith – Unlocking Hidden Hours: Doing Time Right

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Everyone wants to get more done in less time.
But few people invest the time into setting up the right systems today, to get more sh** done tomorrow.
That’s where Doing Time Right comes in.
👩🏻‍💻 The Digital Divide
In the last decade, an incredible set of tools (think Zapier, Airtable, Typeform, Superhuman, Loom, Asana, Calendly, etc.) have emerged, allowing you to accomplish more with less effort. But the proliferation of these tools has also created a big skill and productivity gap.
The people who have invested in these new systems have created massive personal leverage.
Others remain on the hamster wheel of life, often overwhelmed and anxious as they try to navigate the flood of information and tools in the digital world.
Doing Time Right bridges this gap.
🚀 It’s Not Rocket Science
Learning how to leverage modern tools is not rocket science. Within a few hours, you can multiply your output while reducing the number of hours you spend on “the wheel” each week.
That means you get to spend more time focusing on what you enjoy – building side projects, learning new skills, spending time with friends and family… you get the point. It also means that you become exponentially more valuable in your job.
Now, this course will not 100x your productivity. It will not solve all of your problems. But, it will show you how to “Marie Kondo” how you spend your most valuable asset: time.
Doing Time Right cuts through fluffy productivity hacks, and most importantly, it helps you focus on things you can do immediately, so that you can save time every week for the rest of your life.
⏰ TL;DR?
Doing Time Right is a simple, actionable course that will help you:
Leverage the “Eliminate, Automate, Delegate” framework.
Protect your most valuable resource: time.
Implement repeatable habits that take you off the hamster wheel.
Use tools like Zapier, Google Sheets, Notion, Loom, and Superhuman to increase productivity.
Connect you with other p̶r̶o̶d̶u̶c̶t̶i̶v̶i̶t̶y̶ ̶f̶r̶e̶a̶k̶s̶ people who value saving time.
✅ You’ll get access to:
A multi-part video series that walks you through the key lessons.
Actionable exercises that have tangible ROT (return on time).
Video tutorials showing you how to eliminate, automate, delegate, and iterate.
A community of like-minded people.
Bonuses like a tool or shortcut directory.
Templates to help you leverage modern tools.
Lifetime access to future versions of the product.

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