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Welcome to AccMart !

This sale includes 1x Spotify account. You will be provided with the login and the password with in 24 - 48 hours.

I will send the login via private message.

Private sales mean that the account will only be sold once here.

If highly suggest you recording yourself logging into the account for the first time. This way if the login in does not work for whatever reason you can send me the video and I will give you a refund. . Do not tamper with the email and password of the account. It is always good to keep a screenshot as proof you sent a payment however this is not necessary.

If you do not tamper with the account at all they will usually last for 6 months +. Most of the accounts I have bought and personally used are already a 1 and a half years old and still running.

Once we gain a bit of popularity and trust in the community all the prices of our accounts will go down by over 60 percent.

In about a week I will be adding Netflix, Hulu, HBO and many more accounts.

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