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A Collection of Little-Known Smart Marketing Stories and Examples!

There are some people who absolutely love listening to other people and their experiences, whether it’s about online marketing, or another subject entirely. It’s a great way to learn and has saved me a great many mistakes in the past, and no doubt will do so again in the future.

This is why the author put this manual together. It’s a compilation of some of the most valuable lessons learned about online marketing through over a decade of experience between us. It’s an interesting way to learn, and hey, if it’s going to solve a bunch of problems before you even come up against them, it shouldn’t be missed.

Below are some of the information that you are about to learn:

First Hand Experience
Humber Beginnings
Where’d Everyone Go?
Miss Information Is Ripe
Your Ideas Are Being Stolen As You Read This
The Doers And The (Almost) Winners
Improving And Learning
Watch And Listen
2 Ways To Almost Guarantee Your Success
When Jv’s Go Horribly Wrong
The Dreaded JV Approach
The Question On Our Lips When You Approach Us
How This Manual Came To Exist
Time Is Money. How Much Are You Wasting?
Why Deadlines Are Bad
JV Approaches, A Timescale
And so much more...

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