RSS Feeds to your Website that Search Engines Love!

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Learn the secrets of how to have an constant flow of updated information in your web pages using RSS Feeds and provide your visitors with an entertaining web experience.

You can be pulling in feeds from all over the net and put them on
your websites in just minutes.

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MSI Fetch RSS Feeds Content Management

What is MSI Fetch ?


MSI Fetch is a PHP script used to display RSS content.

It can be used to display other's content on your web site.

MSI Fetch can also be used to help you add your articles and other content to all your websites with very little effort.

It supports all versions of RSS (0.9, 0.9x, 1.0 and 2.0) and is template driven.
* Use it to create adsense income using your own content and others.

From: the Desk of FBM
Date: Oct 3 2007 - 6:20P.M.
Ref: How to add RSS Feeds to your website that Search Engines love!

What is RSS?

Still confused about RSS? Most people on the Internet have heard of RSS and understand that it is something they are supposed to know about but don't have any clue where to start. RSS and feed technology can help you automate your web-surfing, deliver your newsletters and training, monitor your industry and publish in a spam-free, virus-proof channel.

RSS is a format for delivering and receiving syndicated information and content from any site that is providing the service, including major news sites like Wired, news-oriented community sites like Slashdot, Podcasts, personal weblogs and even plain old websites. Basically it is a simple text file (RSS or XML extension) that acts similar to a webpage and is updated either automatically by server enabled software or can be updated manually.

Free Resources

You can find quite a few sites that will let you do what MSIFetch does for free however the problem is that they get most of the credit. By having your own feed generator and ability to add RSS feeds into your own website means that you get much of the credit. Obviously if you use other peoples feeds the links will take your visitors to their site however we will show you how to make your own feeds so everything will be in your control.

But it's not just for news. Pretty much anything that can be broken down into a feed can be syndicated via RSS: articles, sermons, training or coaching, product updates and we have even seen one person deliver a chapter of his book each week. Once information about each item is in RSS format, MSifwtch can add it to your website.

The beauty of providing your visitors with RSS feeds embedded in your website is that it will update on a regular basis thereby providing you with fresh content everyday. This doesn't have to be on the front page but could be in articles, industry updates, a coaching feed etc. There are so many feeds online that almost any niche is catered for.

Your Own Content!

Another exciting feature of the MSIFetch program is our training. Lets say you have a lot of different sites and you would like to add your articles to each one but dont want to go through all the hassel of copying and pasting them into each indirvidual site and uploading. We will show how to do it once and post to every site. You can do this with articles, audios, videos in fact pretty well anything. You will also have the benefit of creating your own internal linking structure.

Why Use MSIFetch?

With the web surfer becoming much more "web savvy" than they were a year ago, they are expecting not only information but an entertaining web experience.

In the early days of Internet Marketing people used to sell their favourites file and did very well. MSIFetch takes this to a whole new level allowing you to joint venture with many new people and be on the cutting edge of technology without having to do all the work.

Dr. Tony Marino, Founder
My friend Tony whose podcast is below is a professional radio broadcaster so I can now have his show syndicated legally on my site and provide content I could never match, due to finances and time. (not to mention talent) With MSIFetch you can have the best from any industry live and changing content all the time. Plus I am in full control to add or change any time I want.

Here is a live sample of some of Tony's excellent podcast. He uses audio and sometimes video which is delivered directly to my page. Remember this will be updated every time Tony adds a new audio. Not only that but he uses channels so you can get past sessions as well.

NB: In the traditional marketplace for me to syndicate with Tony for this would cost me a small fortune but with MSIFetch you can do it with most feeds absolutely free.

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