Pickup Music Premium ★ [Lifetime Account] ★

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Pickup Music Premium ★ [Lifetime Account] ★

What’s in a Pickup Music membership?

Get unlimited access to 500+ lessons
Improve quickly with guided learning
Interactive TAB and backing tracks
Multiple camera angles for an up-close learning experience
Get feedback and advice in our exclusive community forum and zoom recitals

IN-DEPTH CLASSES --30 Master Classes--

Comprehensive, step-by-step courses designed by experts
Learn from the best modern guitarists in the world
Beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes
Jazz, R&B, neo soul, pop, blues, funk, classical, music theory, and more

ORIGINAL SONGS --350 SongSquads--

Learn original songs by genre-defining artists like Beau Diakowicz, Kazuki Isogai, Manuel Gardner Fernandes, Achmad Satria, and many more
TAB, step-by-step instruction, and backing tracks included

ESSENTIAL LICKS --70 Lick Packages--

Learn to play like John Mayer, Jimi Hendrix, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and more
Spice up your playing in under 30 minutes
Step-by-step instruction and interactive TAB

BITE-SIZED LESSONS --5-Minute Lessons--

Learn a new skill in 5 minutes or less
Lessons covering tone, practice tips, alternate tunings, picking techniques, looping, theory, filming, and more

The account is the lifetime of the account, which means the duration. It can be up to 1-3 years, if terms are followed. Replacements are if you receive one and it stops working within 24-48 hours.

★ If account stop working we'll provide another one as soon as possible ★

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