Philakone – Cryptocurrency Superstar Trade Guide

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Udemy - Philakone - Cryptocurrency Superstar Trading Guide

Philakone is one of the well known traders in crypto circle. Find him here
He recently deleted all his previously free 24 series videos and released these Udemy courses.

Philakone's Cryptocurrency Udemy Trading Guide

A complete course on learning how to trade successfully.
I will introduce all concepts necessary to thrive in trading.

01 - Intro - Common Terminology
02 - Emotions and Risk Management
03 - Dollar Cost Averaging and Laddering Buys
04 - Reading Level 2 Order Book - Understanding Bids and Asks
05 - Long Shorts and Margin Trading
06 - How to Customize Trading View
07 - How to Use Technical Indicators
08 - Read Charts Analyze Candlesticks and Read Price Action
09 - Big Picture and The Little Picture - Interpreting Time frames
10 - What Are Supports, Resistance, Channels, Trendlines
11 - Common Patterns and the Breakout Strategy
12 - Swing Strategy - Identifying Bull or Bear Markets
13 - What is the MACD indicator?
14 - The Most Powerful Indicator - Relative Strength Index
15 - Fibonacci Retracement and Obtaining Targets
16 - Fibonacci Extension and Obtaining Targets
17 - How I use RSI and Make Immense Profit

If you complete this course, put in the hard work, study all material, and understand it, I guarantee you will have a firm grasp on trading and will eventually reach superstar status because I will support you 100%. I have made this course clear, concise, and fun to the point, where I truly believe it is my best work yet in contributing material that will undoubtedly raise your trading game to the next level.

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