Overcome Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety

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This is a great professional and well organized comprehensive video tutorial.

In this course you will learn the EXACT STEPS that are required to overcome stage fright and performance anxiety. This course is not a motivational talk, however. It is not a subliminal strategy to boost your confidence level, a quick fix or a 5 minute cool weird trick either. As a dancer and musician, who suffered from stage fright and performance anxiety for a very long time, I know that these strategies do not work because their results are not real! Yea, I tried all of them myself! In this course, you will get the actual steps that you need to take in order to overcome your stage fright and performance anxiety. These steps are based on scientific research used in behavioral therapy to treat patients with phobias. These exact same steps, helped me overcome stage fright and performance anxiety and actually do the show and play live, something I dreamed about for a very long time! Who this course is for: Musicians Dancers Comedians Other entertainers and performers Artists Public speakers Professional athletes Anybody else who wants to overcome stage fright Requirements English Language Internet Access A Desire To Overcome Stage Fright

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