NETFLIX 12 months PREMIUM PLAN 4K UHD 4 Device Premium

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Please look up our shop ratings to see old feedback. We exclusively sell Netflix
Normal price: USD 12.00 per month

[Please read below T&C, purchase = agree with these terms] :
1. All accounts are legal, not shared account/hacked/modded. You can change the password and use your email address (that has never been registered to Netflix)
2. All account is Premium Plan type 4K Ultra HD and can be shared with your family or friends totalling up to 4 devices/screen playing a different move at the same time
3. Cannot use or added to existing / old account. Has to be a new/fresh account
4. Password must be changed after receiving and testing the account to secure it, no replacement if you fail to test and secure accounts within 24hrs of account's shipment
5. Each account is protected by 1 to 1 replacement warranty. Duration of the warranty will be the same as the duration of the subscription (ie, 12-month package will have 12-month warranty)
6. All sales are final, no refunds only account replacements during the subscription period
7. Works on any smart device which can play YouTube (SMART TV, Smartphones/Tablets, PC/Mac, Xbox1/PS4
8. Contact via chat if you have further questions

Why choose us?
1. 18 hrs/days, 7 days /week service
2. Had been selling since 2016, with thousands of active subscribers on various platforms

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